The Many Versions Of Anti Boredom Pills On A Train

A long train journey can be dreadful for someone who gets bored easily. It can get monotonous especially if you are a frequent traveler. The following are a few tips to kill boredom on a moving train.

1. Sleep

If you belong to the class of working people, slogging at your office desk over ten hours a day, a train can rejuvenate you with all the sleep you need. Get on your berth and zzzz until you need to eat or attend natures call. You might not get such long hours of a blissful sleep once you reach your destination.

2. Read

If you are one of those who cannot sleep because of the constant movement oF the train, switch to reading. In case you are not carrying a book, there are enough of book and newspaper hawkers on the train and platform at your service.

The Many Versions Of Anti Boredom Pills On A Train

3. Hear Music

Music can be your greatest companion on the train if you have a good collection of your favorite songs and the charging point is available and working. Plug in those earphones, grab the window seat and disappear into another world!

4. Befriend New People

Don’t be the extrovert social butterfly. Don’t look like the arrogant one either. Exchange a light conversation with your fellow passengers. Interacting with new people and listening to their stories can be a life learning experience.

5. Enjoy a Movie

None of us dislike watching movies. Even if we do, there are always those few evergreen movies we love watching. Your three hours over a movie will pass in the blink of an eye.

6. Gaze at the Scenic Views Outside

Not every day do we get to watch such picturesque views from our windows? Wind in your hair, music in your ears, a cup of hot tea in your hands and a beautiful scenery in front of your eyes. Sounds picture perfect!

7. Explore Every Junction

Don’t keep sitting on your berth like an oldie. Get off the train at every station, each having to offer a delicacy indigenous to the city. For instance, the juicy oranges at the Nagpur station or the scrumptious idlis at the Chennai one are quite a hit among passengers.

8. Take a Walk from One End of the Train to Another

Being confined to one place for hours can be very tedious. Walk up and down the train, you never know which interesting character you may get to meet.

9. Take Photographs

From that one cute kid in the bogie to the rare animal species outside, there is a lot to capture on a train journey.

10. Try New Food Items

As mentioned earlier, every major station has a delicacy to offer. Also, food in train has a variety to offer to every type of eater. From snacks to total meals to cold drinks, there is a lot to cater to take care of your hunger.

11. Play

Card games, travel games, board games, mind games, the options are infinite. Games make no room for boredom whatsoever!

So the next time you think of spending extra money on flight tickets only because of the much longer duration on a train journey, think again! Bon Voyage!

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