The Link Between Spirituality and Recovery

Opiate drug addiction is often dually diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders, according to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Because opiates desensitize the region of our brains where pleasure occurs, opiate addicts often lose the ability to feel uplifting emotions naturally. But what about supernaturally? Spirituality seems to help opiate addicts find inner peace ethereal pleasure and sound recovery.

The Link Between Spirituality and Recovery

Why Opiate Addictions Occur

There are a lot of reasons why people abuse opiates. Some of those reasons include genetic predisposition, biological problems, and psychological problems. In the case of many addicts who suffer from depression, it is difficult to understand which came first, depression or opiate addiction. What we do know is that the aftermath of opiate addiction is a bleak environment. The human brain is unable to recreate the high opiates provide, and the prolonged use of opiates causes the brain to stop producing natural endorphins.

Life Without Opiates

For a recovering addict, life without the high has a void. It is a place where doubts echo, and the feeling of helplessness arises from the chaos that once was masked by addiction. That empty, hollow space cannot remain empty — like a stalagmite in a cave — the void will be filled by the slow accumulation of temptation, a calling, and a need. So long as that space is empty the chance of relapse remains strong.

How Spirituality Helps

Our inner being, some may call it a Spirit, or Mind, is capable of great power. This is a place where one can find strength and willpower. It is this aspect of oneself that opiates obliterate. But some addicts are finding spirituality becomes a voice which sings over the echoes of the soul. There is a softness to spirituality that calms our mind, speaks to us in times of trouble and becomes a voice that champions for us when we are tired and weak.

Insofar as recovery, it does not matter what form of spirituality chosen. This is not specifically about finding God as much as it is about finding oneself. Spirituality and recovery work in much the same way. They both work on rebuilding the person. They work to take one back to the beginning, hence the terms “born again” and “spiritual rebirth” and then help you grow into the an awakened person. Dual diagnosis treatment centers aim to heal you from more than just one angle, treating co-occurring addictions and disorders. Even finding a rehab center specifically for your substance, or for exclusively women per se, will help you find yourself. You can begin this journey at a women’s retreat or at a women’s drug rehab facility.

Spirituality is also about learning to forgive yourself. This is about recognizing that the past cannot be changed, whereas the future is blank. You cannot undo the things you have done, but you do not have to continue to be addicted to opiates or any other drug. You no longer have to be a prisoner to anxiety or depression. Find the freedom in a women’s treatment center.

The takeaway here is that you have a choice of what your future is and the quality of life that you live. Finding something higher to believe in is about rebuilding your inner you, while you overcome addiction. Wherever you are in this journey, it remains important that you take care of your mental health. A women’s treatment center that has an effective program for women depression is important.

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