The Best Documentary Films Everyone Should Watch

While you can always curl up with your favorite action or horror film, why not watch a documentary and learn more? Documentary films can pull at your heartstrings, leave you afraid to peek under your bed and teach you more about subjects you never learned about in school. Many of the best films are now available through streaming services like Netflix, but you’ll also find copies at Redbox, in rental stores and even posted online. The next time to decide to stay inside, try popping in one of the best documentary films.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Kurt Kuenne started making the film Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father after his best friend Andrew Bagby learned he was about to become a father. Though he and the child’s mother were no longer together at the time, Bagby looked forward to spending time with his son. The documentary takes on a sober feel after you learn that his ex-girlfriend murdered him and later stood trial for his murder. As the film unfolds, you’ll find yourself crying, shouting at the justice system and praying for his family.

The Imposter

The Best Documentary Films Everyone Should Watch

The Imposter often makes the list of the top documentary films because the movie is so strange and complex. Nicholas Barclay was a teenager who mysteriously went missing in Texas. Years later, law enforcement officials contacted his family with the news that they found the missing boy. They accepted him into their home and claimed he was their son until the truth eventually came out that the young man was a con artist by the name of Frederic Bourdin. Bourdin speaks to the camera about the odd family and his believe that they know what happened to their missing relative, and you just may find yourself believing him.

The Queen of Versailles

Released in 2012, The Queen of Versailles is a memorable and occasionally funny movie that looks at the recession from the eyes of a wealthy family. The Siegel family, who serve at the center of the documentary, made their money in the hotel and timeshare industry and had plans to build the largest private home in the world. When the recession hit, they learned that cutting back was necessary but have different ideas as to what this means.

20 Feet from Stardom

After looking at IMDB pages and websites about HGTV shows and personalities like the Jason Hanold profile and profiles of Chip Gaines and Drew Scott, you might wonder what life is like for those just out of the spotlight. The documentary film, 20 Feet from Stardom, lets you see what life is like for some of the most famous backup singers in history. You’ll hear behind the scenes stories directly from their mouths and see how close they came to fame of their own. With these amazing documentaries, you can spend an entire day crying, laughing and celebrating the lives of those on screen.

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