Take A Tour To The Captivating Daman and Diu

Very close to Gujarat but a little different from the state, Daman and Diu is a scenic Union territory. The beautiful Daman and Diu is surrounded mostly with Gujarat, Arabian Sea and Maharashtra. It is a perfect place for the travellers who want to spend a refreshing holiday in the lap of nature. Daman and Diu has a deep-seated history. It was once under the rule of the Portuguese and the battle of Diu was fought between the Sultan of Gujarat supported by Arabs and the Portuguese. However, after independence the territory has undergone a huge change and now it is one of the dream destinations for Indian tourists. You will also see both Daman and Diu are well frequented by foreigners as well. The place is blessed by undeniable charm. Tranquil and less populated, the place still retains a mixed essence of history and present culture. Lying at the mouth of Daman Ganga river, this Union Territory is bestowed with all the necessary elements to bring you back again.

Daman and Diu is now a blend of traditional Maharashtrian and Gujarati culture with a pinch of Portuguese customs. Garba, Dandiya and Ras are celebrated here as well. Being a fishing town, Diu offers some awesome fish dishes to the foodies. This coastal territory is a treat to the travellers, nature lovers and researchers. The tranquil beauty of the place is ready to soothe your mind.

Take A Tour To The Captivating Daman and Diu
Daman Airport is well connected with other parts of the country especially Mumbai and Vadodara. The airport is only 3 km from the city centre and it is a military one. The nearest international airport is Mumbai which is 170 km away. After landing at Daman Airport, you will get both state-owned and private buses, you can also hire a cab or taxi which will take you to your desired destination. Though the Union Territory is known as Daman and Diu, but in reality both the cities are far away from each other. However, once you reach the airport reaching any of the city is not a hectic task. Vapi serves as the nearest railway station which is 10 km away. Besides, Ahmedabad and Mumbai are two important stations close to Daman. Outside Vapi railway station, taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available.

If you want, you can rent a bicycle and explore according to your wish. While moving towards the very famous Nagao Beach, you can take a halt at the Sea Shell Museum. Check some amazing things related to sea and sand beach. You can also see some rare collections of sea shells. Photography is prohibited inside the museum. The roadway to Diu is enchanting, the wonderful nature view makes it a perfect road trip. Ghogla Beach, Diu Fort, Heritage walks, Nadia Caves are some of the well-known Diu Daman tourist attractions. Though the territory experiences a moderate climate throughout the year but October to March is the peak time to visit the place.

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