Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips


Summer usually provides a good opportunity for long road trips, excursions and swimming among other fun making activities; there is nothing better than plunging in rejuvenating and refreshing pool in a hot summer day. However, you need to ensure that you swimming pool is in a good condition for you to enjoy and this calls for swimming pool maintenance. The main problem with most people is that they procrastinate pool cleaning and this affects the condition of your pool in addition to compromising the safety of your family who will be using the pool. Even though proper pool maintenance doesn’t require too much time and energy, it is always important to make sure that it is given priority. There are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure that your pool is in the best condition:

Skim the pool regularly: skimming the surface of the pool only takes a short time so you can actually try to ensure that it is done on a daily basis. Skimming is the best way to remove leaves, bugs, etc. from the surface of the pool. When left unattended to, the debris will eventually sink to the bottom of the pool and removing them will become even more difficult. Skimming is also known to improve the pool’s circulation system and it is also a fact that those who skim their pools regularly don’t spend too much money on pool chemicals such as chlorine.

Vacuum the pool every week: Vacuuming the swimming pool once weekly is an important part of the weekly pool maintenance regime; it helps to clear all harmful substances that are known to affect the chlorine levels and keep the pool bacteria free. For an average pool you only need about half an hour of vacuuming in addition to brushing the surfaces, tiles and walls so as to clear any buildup of calcium and algae.

Periodically clean your pool filter: Even though pool filters are made using different materials, they all require regular cleaning as part of your pool cleaning practice. However, there are important recommendations that need to be followed or else you can end up overdoing it and damaging your filters in the process. You want to check the flow between the flow meter and the pressure gauge so that when there looks like there is an increased flow it will be a sign that you need to clean the filter.

Maintain the necessary water level: Paying attention to the water level is also a part of the pool maintenance program that should be checked on a regular basis; failure to do this and you can easily damage your pool pump. This is especially important during summer when a lot of water can be lost as a result of over use and evaporation. Always check the water levels on a regular basis and ensure that it is refilled to the required levels.

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