Successful Office Relocation In 7 Steps


Just a thought of relocation gives goose bumps too many. It is such a daunting and time-consuming process. It is certainly something that can disrupt your work flow. That is why it is important to think everything through and have a good strategy that will help you minimize the negative effects relocation process may have. Only once everything is planned and carried out with extra precautions will you be able to get back into business. If you want everything to be carried out without any troubles, be sure to follow these 7 steps in relocation process.

Step 1: Think About your Reasons for Moving

In order to start planning for your new space, you have to be aware of what was wrong with the old premises and what exactly do you expect from the new ones. You will want to organize everything in the most effective way. You can now change thing you weren’t satisfied with in your old office. You should also set a realistic budget for the relocation and try to find something that your company can afford.

Successful Office Relocation In 7 Steps

Step 2: Make a Checklist

You will also want to make a checklist that will reflect every single aspect of the relocation. This thing will guide you through the whole process. It serves as a kind of a “roadmap” that will help you get everything you need and move all the things properly. It’s much easier to handle the relocation when you can thick everything that has been taken care of. You can put things such as insurance costs, transaction fees, space planning and electrical design and installation on your checklist.

Successful Office Relocation In 7 Steps

Step 3: Know All the Key Dates

Once you have done all of this you will want to start thinking about all the tasks that need to be done and when. It is important not to lose time when you are in a middle of a process such is relocation. The best way to do this is to make timetable. That way you will be ensured you won’t miss any of the deadlines.

Step 4: Choose Design for your New Premises

Before you actually start relocating you’ll want to know exactly where every single piece of furniture will go. Draw the plan if necessary and don’t forget about anything. You’ll want your new design to be perfect, as this affects productivity and staff morale. What you can do is find a fit-out company that will help you with the design of the new premises.

Successful Office Relocation In 7 Steps

Step 5: Choose an Office Removals Company

One of the most complicated things to do is the process of relocation itself. There are many large objects that have to be packed and brought to the new location. There is also electrical equipment that you have to be very careful with when moving. That is why the best thing to do is to leave this to the professionals. This will make the whole process much easier for you. There are Sydney-based office removalists who pride themselves in stress-free services.

Successful Office Relocation In 7 Steps

Step 6: Upgrading & Downsizing

This is a great time to get some new office equipment or upgrade the one you already have. Getting some new equipment will be a great marker of the new premises and the new era at the company. This is also the right time to get rid of all the old files you have no use of anymore. If you think you might need these old files, get a storage unit where you can keep them.

Step 7: Check Everything

Once the whole process is completed you’ll want to check if you have found the right place for any piece of office equipment. Check if all PCs have been set up properly and that everyone are satisfied with the new place. Once you are sure that everything is OK you can get back into business.

Unexpected crises can always appear when relocating so do not get flustered if something goes wrong. Stay put and be ready to face any troubles that might appear. Leave everything you can to the professionals. This will lower your stress during the whole process.

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