Sublimation Printing For Polyester Garments

Imagine the image of your favourite soccer player or your favourite team custom made in your tees. Surreal, as much as it feels it’s possible through sublimation printing. Sublimation printing in simple words is an exquisite, digital printing method, which opens a new door to customized creativity. A method of printing that allows customers with an opportunity of creating customized Sublimated Jerseys and clothes.

Sublimation Printing For Polyester Garments

Now the dream of having the best jersey for the upcoming METs game or this season’s Yankees game is just an order away. The whole process of sublimation is also very simple.

Here are few points one should remember before going for sublimation printing,

  • Sublimation printing only works in polyester garments or on the objects made of polyester.
  • The best part of this sublimation printing is that it does not fade easily, wear or have any texture or weight.
  • Customers can customize edit and refine art or the image accordingly that they want to print. There is no requirement of the screen for the printing process, saving a good amount of charge, making it considerably affordable.   
  • Sublimation does not require bulky orders, few t-shirts and you are good to go with the sublimation printing.
  • Another relief of sublimation printing is that there is no headache of changing of texture owing to heavy or thick prints.

Unbelievable?  Well you believe it because all aforesaid statements are true. Get your own custom made garments sublimation, jersey sublimation or t-shirt sublimation at affordable costs.

Here are few tips, that you have to watch for or keep in mind before opting to print sublimation.

  • Light or White Clothes: Clothes have their own color, could be could not be a blend prone color, but to be on the safe side and avoid any kind of blending and for best results it’s better you go for white or light clothes.
  • Polyester clothes: As aforementioned, sublimation works only in the polyester clothes, The best part of present-day clothes are large number cotton like clothes are being manufactured as sublimation-friendly polyester.

All said and done, at the end of the day the choice remains with you, to go for sublimation or not. It’s customized, it’s affordable and it’s fashionable, stop thinking and just go for it.

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