Style Your Home Your Way With These DIY Ideas

Every home has its own personality. People living in a house can make it a home. At the end of the day, your home is a reflection of you, it’s an extension of your personality, it aptly sums up the kind of person you are.

This is why it’s important for your home to look unique and what better person to give your home a nice touch other than you? You no longer have to hire an interior decorator for some inspiration. Instead you can make your house a hug of inspirational ideas for others around by trying out these easy do it yourself ideas to give your home a makeover that won’t cost a thing but will be totally worth it:

Style Your Home Your Way With These DIY Ideas

Polka Dot Drawers

Are you always bored of the normal wooden cabinets and drawers in your home? If you’re not in the mood to invest in new furniture, you can just give your existing furniture a whole new avatar.

You would need paints, sponge, brush, primer and some cellophane to keep the paints from messing the floors. Add a layer of Primer first in order for the actual paint  to last longer. Once it dries, you can add a coat of your favourite paint and reapply a second coat once it dries.

After the paint has fully dried, mark the spots of where you’d want your polka dots to lie, use a thick scotch tape and punch a hole through it. You can now use it as a stencil and use a sponge to paint in the polka dots for a good finish.

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It’ll add a great twist to your everyday furniture and is really simple to accomplish!

Personalised Pillow Case

Many a times we order pillows from retailers but something is still missing. The designs are too generic. You can now personalise your very own pillow and cushion covers by adding the text you want and all it takes is a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is get a plain pillow cover, and write the text you want with some wool. You can then make it final by applying the wool with fabric glue. You can make them into personalised gifts for your friends as well with their name imprinted on it!

Butter Fly Lamp

This one is really creative and all it takes is a bit of patience and lots of butterflies.

You can invest in a plain lamp and buy one using Pepperfry Coupons to get further Cashback and all you need is some glitter butterflies or flowers. Apply glow at the base of the wings and stick it to the lamp in the design you desire. This is ready in minutes but it makes the home décor come alive and can be a great addition to kids rooms

Colorful Candles

We love buying aromatic and colored candles but what if you could make them easily at home as well?

All you need is wax and crayons of the color of your choice. Melt the wax and crayon together and mix well to incorporate the color. Next, pour in the melted wax into a stand with a wick and once it dries you can pour in your second layer and so on depending on how many colors you want.

You can tilt the glass to get a nice horizontal slanted wax candle. Be sure to leave a bit of place to light the wick.

Sand Art Glasses

If you love buying colourful decoration items, you can now make them yourself with sand art glasses.

All you’ll need is some white sand which you can divide in 4 different cups. To each cup add a different food colouring. In order to colour the sand, dissolve the food colouring in a spoon of water and mix it with the sand. Let the sand dry and you can pour it out in a transparent glass and you’re done.

You can even add a plant in between the glass to really give it a nice earthy touch.

These crafts take less than a few hours but go a long way in decorating your house. Now go ahead and get the mad scientist out in you to really give your home a nice individualistic touch that will make all your friends jealous with envy.

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