Step by Step instructions To Select A Perfect Domain For Your Company

As the revolution in IT industry has taken over, the more people are directed towards comfortable work. Same works in the case of selecting a domain name for your website. It is advisable to keep the domain and the website names similar, so that the clients won’t face too much trouble in finding the right thing of their choice.

Step by Step instructions To Select A Perfect Domain For Your Company

Moreover, if your domain name is not your website name, then the clients will be redirected to another site and you will probably lose your customers. If you are facing trouble in getting the right domain name, then you should probably try for other extensions like .org, .net, etc, and then accordingly name your website. The domain name should represent your product.

Problems and Issues Faced

Another problem that a person faces while choosing a domain name is whether to opt for a short or a long character domain name. Domain names have a limit of setting up to 67 characters. Some people think that short domain names are easier to remember, and according to the others bigger domain names can be easily remembered by the human memory. The key is to choose a meaningful combination of characters whether it is small or big domain name for your product.

Sometimes the domain name you want is already registered. You can go through the WhoIs database of domain names and check which names are already registered and which are available for use.

Pros and Cons of using “The” and “My” for your Domain Name

It is more likely that you might not get the domain name of your choice, in that case it is better to choose the forms “The” and “My” before it, instead of changing the whole thing.

There is always a high probability of targeting customers through an attractive domain name especially which has the most respect in your country(.in for India( ( issue is that general public is accustomed more towards .com domain named websites as .in ones are not much popular.

Domain Names as Branding

Always remember that your domain name automatically becomes your brand name. Your company will forever be affected by your domain name, your customer traffic on the website, profit and loss, etc.

Good domain names are a marketing bargain which will have a great impact on your sales and double your company profits. Therefore, even if you have to pay a fistful more amount of money to buy a good domain name, you should go for it, as it will help you in the long run to successfully establish your online business.

When it comes to choosing domain names, there are no hard and fast rules as such, because websites with weird names have also made it great, and have attracted millions of visitors from world over. Yahoo and Google are 2 such examples.

On the other hand, using your business product or service related words on the domain names can help you while optimizing your website for search engines. However, you must refrain from making it too lengthy, because people will make mistakes while typing them, which will take them to some other websites.

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