Simple Tips To Help You Maximize The Use Of Solar Energy

Solar energy has a number of uses. It can effectively be used for a variety of purposes, the most important one being converting it to electrical energy. We can maximize the amount of electrical energy generated from this source by some simple steps.

Solar energy facts

Before understanding the solar energy utilization, it is important to know some aspects about it.

  • Solar energy is created by the sun which is a non exhaustive source of energy.
  • Using solar energy can help to protect the environment as it does not emit greenhouse gases.
  • Solar energy can effectively be used in all regions across the world.
  • Solar energy systems can generate energy even in cold and cloudy weather.
  • Solar energy usage can be traced to 1954 when solar cells were created by Bell Laboratories.
  • The space industry started using solar energy as a power source for spacecrafts in 1960’s.
  • Solar energy can be utilized to provide power to skyscrapers.
  • Albert Einstein explained the concept of the photoelectric effect.

Tips for effectively using solar energy

Many people opt for solar systems to generate electrical energy. The following tips can help to maximize the energy generation.

Using appliances during day time

In order to effectively use solar energy, it is recommended to use appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, which consume large amounts of energy, during the day time. During the day, solar energy is abundant and hence using high energy consuming appliances during that time can help save energy for the night when there is no sunlight.

Monitoring production

Modern solar energy systems have a smart monitoring feature. Users can easily monitor the amount of solar energy produced and consumed through their smart phones or computers.

Check the surroundings

Semper Solaris, one of the most well known solar energy systems providers in California suggest that in order to maximize solar energy conversion to electrical energy, it is important to ensure that the solar panels remain away from shade. Features like antennas, chimneys, roof ventilators and tress may shade the solar panels of the system, resulting in lower electrical energy production.

Use the last daylight hours to moderate temperatures

Cooling or heating a house may consume 50% of the total energy usage. A simple step can help to reduce this consumption. It is advisable to turn on the cooling or heating systems late afternoon. This can help to control the temperature and may reduce the energy consumption during the night when there is no daylight to produce electrical energy from solar energy.

Clean the solar panels

For effective functioning of solar energy systems, it is important to ensure that the solar panels are cleaned regularly. Since the system is exposed to the environment, it may accumulate tree debris, dust, salt, bird mess and sand which can lower its efficiency. Regular cleaning is required to keep the system in good working condition.

The use of solar energy can be maximized if care is taken to ensure proper functioning.

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