Showing Your Girl You Love Her Is Better Than Just Telling Her

When your woman has her special day coming up, whether it be her birthday, or valentines day or any other day that has some special meaning, like an anniversary, or something like that, you have to show her you love her. You can tell her you love her, and you had better do that too, but you need to show her in a way that she can then tell her friends about. No girl brags to her mom and sisters that her boyfriend says he lovers her. They need proof, and there’s no way to prove merely whispered words. And it’s in your best interest for them to believe you that you love her. So what can you do to make you girl feel special because of some material action? Here’s how.

Buy Her A New Dress and Earrings

Showing Your Girl You Love Her Is Better Than Just Telling Her

Any fool can buy how woman a pair of earrings or a necklace, and sure, that shows some love. But even more love can be shown by getting her a matching dress so it’s a whole outfit. Not only does that mean she can fully dress in wares that you bought her, but it also means that she can wear it to a family gathering and when someone compliments her on her dress, she gets to say that you bought it for her and then bam, you are in the good graces of everyone there. That goes a long way and you may think it’s cheating but it’s not, it’s really nice.

New Car

Showing Your Girl You Love Her Is Better Than Just Telling Her

You may think i’m crazy to suggest that you buy your girl a new car but that’s just why it works. If you see the line up of cars at San Fernando Ford you won’t think i’m so crazy. In fact you’ll think i’m perfectly sane, because the cars are cool looking, new and shiny, and the monthly payments are not outlandish. You’ll be amazed at the kind of deal you can get. And when your woman wakes up on her special day and sees a new car in the driveway she’s going to freak out. Also they’re running some amazing deals at Sunrise Ford of North Hollywood. You’ll be the king of her heart for years to come. And when she arrives to work, her co-workers will be impressed, and when she goes to her parents house for dinner, they’re going to be amazed. You’ll be the hero and the man. And that’s good!

Get Her a Cat

Showing Your Girl You Love Her Is Better Than Just Telling Her

There’s only one thing women love more than new cars, and that’s new kittens. Sure they turn into old gross cats, but the joy a kitten brings to a life is worth it for inevitable turn. So get a little kitty from the shelter and box it up and give it to her and she will be so thrilled when that little meow comes out and fills her heart with love. Everyone loves a kitten.

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