See A Different Side Of South Africa

Get away from the buzz of the city, the chiming of ring tones and notifications, and the stress of a 50-hour work week. Go on a journey that will have a profound impact on life (yours and others) and one that you’ll cherish forever. In South Africa, you can live with rhinos, giraffes, lions, tigers, cheetahs, and more in their natural habitat. Many tours are completely removed from bustling cities to make visits feel like that of another planet.

See A Different Side Of South Africa

Just as roses have thorns, Africa’s beautiful wildlife has problems. The African Wildlife Foundation predicts that if poaching is maintained at its current rates, many animals unique to Africa will be gone in our lifetime. Poachers use high-tech gear to hunt down and kill exotic creatures. Many people as of late choose to supplement their African vacation with a volunteering opportunity to prevent endangered species from become poaching victims.

Some volunteering South Africa students take anywhere from one to ten weeks between classes to live with rescued owls. Go on a mission to rescue sick owls, nurse them back to health and breed them, saving injured owls from a slow death while re-growing the numerous native owl populations. To combat poaching, consider living with orphaned rhinos whose mothers were killed for their horns, focusing on care rehabilitation of these traumatized calves. Ocean-lovers may instead live with sea turtles in Sodwana bay, where they will become scuba certified and participate in ocean conservation. Sea turtles provide vital nutrients and play a crucial role in the survival of other marine life that humans depend on for food.

These are just a few of the many volunteer opportunities in South Africa, but to get a complete idea of the programs that await you should explore the volunteer company’s websites. By taking time out of your day to learn about the unique features of each program, you’ll learn which one best calls to you. Start by opening up your laptop to stop by Volunteer Southern Africa before you compare their rates, programs, and policies with other volunteer companies. Their volunteer projects are led by professionals in the field, meaning you’ll enjoy your time with a knowledgeable leader who will provide an educational experience. For example, living with sea turtles and living with sharks programs are led by marine biologists. Experienced leaders also ensure a safe environment, and quick access to medical care is always at hand.

Exploring South Africa as more than just a tourist – but as a volunteer – is for everybody age 18 and up. All age ranges participate, including retirees, vacationers, those needing a career break, and students. Fortunately, being a volunteer is often cheaper than flying and arranging one’s own tours, and transportation, meals, and daily activities are included in the low price. So take this opportunity now. Escape the busy city for a holiday of adventure. Explore parts of the world you never thought possible on your next volunteer mission to South Africa.

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