Security Window Screens: The Ultimate Protectors Of Your Property

Security window screens are an essential way to increase security and safe of your homes or office buildings. The exposed exterior of such screens can successfully deflect flying objects too. Thus all kinds of dust particles, debris, allergens as well as matter producing obnoxious odor can be kept from entering the place. This is mainly because of the durable and tough nature of steel.

In order to secure the health and hygiene of a particular home and family, installing such window screens is mandatory. This is also true for people dwelling in the tropics or stagnant areas where mosquito breeding and pest infestation can lead to harmful diseases very often.

Security Window Screens

Security Window Screens


  • High on style and design

The best quality window screens are availed from expert dealers to truly enhance the look of a particular place by their polished and smooth surface. Indeed, they are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Unlike security window bars and grills which make the appearance of your home look like a prison, security screens can be painted and designed to match the colors of the interior home decor. There are several screen patterns to choose from. Depending upon the exact dealer or manufacturer, the designs may range from retractable window screens to mesh like steel screens or many other attractive decorative patterns. Many manufacturers in the market offer customized options so that one can fit the window screens to match the overall paint of the home, and thus add to its attractiveness.

  • High on coverage

Probably the primary reason why security window screens rank above security bars and grills is the fact that they cover the entire door or window without leaving even a tiny bit of space. This is especially essential for glass and other fragile windows as such complete coverage greatly reduces the chances of accidents and injuries due to breakage or damage. On the other hand, window bars have gaps at even intervals that may cause occasional slippage of rocks or other outside matter. Thus by installing security window screens, you can rest assured that the interior is completely safeguarded from severe weather conditions.

Security Window Screens

Security Window Screens

  • High on toughness

Security window screens are constructed with the sole motive of providing adequate protection and stopping the entry of intruders. This is why they are usually constructed of steel, one of the toughest metals known to man. This is no ordinary steel but a special form of steel that cannot be cut or bent easily with a saw or a sharp knife. The screen in placed in a tough steel frame that is welded at all four corners, thus preventing the displacement of the screen from the heavy duty frame. Thus, this sort of a structure becomes impossible to dismantle or break down unless the intruder carries a set of special steel cutting tools. It provides the required privacy as well due to its opaque nature.

  • Easy to operate

Although security window screens are quite difficult to remove from the outside, they are surprising easy to manage from the inside. They are easy to mount and install as well. Using tamper-resistant screws and bolts they can be secured to the window frames. Many places have a certain fire code that keeps these windows from getting blocked completely. In many cases these window screens have a release point as well to allow exit under situations of emergency. Others include single key or a padlock system.

verall, there is great diversion in the styles of the security window screens to suit one’s convenience. This makes them a popular choice worldwide. If you want to make your home protected with security window screens then let’s go to the details and get more info.

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