Samsung Galaxy Note 6 -would be a Smartphone with a difference?

Everybody is aware of the fact that the Galaxy Note 6 would be releasing soon. Now, the question arises that would it be a phone with a difference? Indeed, it would have several distinguishing which would make it a unique handset. The very first reason for it is that it is the successor of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, which has captivating and incredible handsets.  Due to their tablet like writing features the phones of these series are also popularly referred as phablets.


We understand your curiosity to find more about this alluring model. Hence, we have attempted to present the most trusted information about its likely features. Let’s find them:

Date of release: The people are restless to see it, but the perhaps have to wait till the third quarter o the next year. The Galaxy Note 6 would be possibly released in August 2016.

Cost: The prices of the products are usually kept secret till its launch in the market. Our experts have carried on an intensive research of the previous trend and have found it to be $1200 USD/ 1063 Euro/ 767 GBP.

Screen:It would probably have astonishing screen with folded and flexible display. The possible size of the screen is 6”-6.2”. The screen could have amazing 3D-4K resolution.

Memory: A superb memory of 6GB or 8GB is expected in Galaxy Note 6.

Camera:It would possibly have a dual camera, 14Mp back and 30Mp rear camera. The optical image stablisation would be better. You would be possible enjoy clicking with the help of its awesome auto focus.

Processor: There are fair chances to get better processor in it. Some people are saying that it would have the very first of its type, 16-core SamsungExynos. You can also find 8-coreQualcomm Snapdragon.

Charging:Be ready for instant charging through its wired and wireless charging modes. It would possibly help you to get 40% charging within five minutes.

Internal storage:The internal storage options would be 16/32/64/128/256 GB.

Battery:The4500 mAhbattery would be possibly there in order to ensure a longerbackup.

Colours:The likely colour choices would be white and black.

Features:The Galaxy Note 6can have the following specifications:

  1. Finger Print/Retina Scanner
  2. Compass
  3. Shockproof And Dust Proof
  4. Spo2
  5. Sensors Barometer Heart Rate
  6. Bendable Or Foldable Display
  7. Thermometer

Operating System:Asuperior version of Android, Marshmallow seems to be likely in Galaxy Note 6.

Video Recording:A fabulous video recording would be possible through its 1080p @ 60 fps and 2160p @ 30 fps and 720p @ 90 fps video recording.

We hope that now you are in a position to guess that why Galaxy Note 6 would be a Smartphone with a difference. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to actually experience it!

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