Roll Back The Years With Facelift Surgery

Are you considering to undergo a Facelift surgery in the near future? In case you really do, then you will need to know the exact procedure which will serve your needs perfectly. So what is a facelift exactly all about? Facelift is a surgical process which is usually done on the lower part of the face. Most of the areas which are worked upon include the jawline and cheekbones, so as to make a face appear more youthful. In case you have excess skin and tissue, then through this surgical process you can have the skin around the face’s middle area tightened. You won’t have to worry about visible scars either.

So, before actually undergoing the facelift process, it would be wise on your part to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. He will carefully analyze all your concerns and ensure that the process has a positive impact on all the major areas. You may even be advised to undergo a brow lift or a neck lift instead of a face lift to get the best results. The surgeon may even suggest you to undergo all the three surgeries to appear more young than you really do. All these surgeries can be performed at the same time, which will limit your anesthesia dosage and save your valuable time and money.

Roll Back The Years With Facelift Surgery

So how will a facelift surgery be performed? The normal procedure starts with an incision which starts in the hair or hairline and in the ear’s front. It is then extended downward in front of the ear, comes under it and then upward behind the ear, and ends in the hair or hairline area. The fatty tissues and the skin are then lifted from the fascia and muscle(connective tissue) in order to resolve the loose skin issue.

The surgeon may tighten the muscle and fascia with sutures in case he feels it is necessary. The skin will be then pulled back and upward, and excess skin will be done away with. The wound will then be closed with the help of skin staples and sutures. Sometimes, surgeons leave a drain in wounds in order to remove excessive blood. Following this, bandages will be applied. These surgical techniques will then go into deeper tissues instead of the fat and skin. The outcome will be similar.

But keep one thing in mind. Though rare, complications and risks do sometimes arise with facelift surgery. Cases such as infection, bleeding, bruising, widened and thickened scars have been reported. Therefore, once you decide to undergo this type of a surgery, you need to check the credentials of a surgeon well. Also make it a point to fix an appointment and find out the facilties which the hospital or clinic is equipped with. This will make sure that you undergo the surgery in a smooth, risk free manner.

Once you undergo a facelift surgery, you can retain a younger look for around 10 years. The surgery is usually performed in a outpatient surgery. You can undergo it in a surgical-center or in a physician’s office which is equipped with the latest facilities. Pain and discomfort during and after the surgery is minimal. The dressings will be removed after 3-5 days after you undergo the surgery. Once that is done, you can hide the hair above your hairs and bruising with the help of makeup.

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