Revealing The Key Ways To Keep Your Data Safe

Today, as the technology is embarking, data loss, identity theft and other cyber crimes has become more active in the space of World Wide Web. Exploring illicit things on the internet, shopping from unauthenticated source and installing free software tools without reading carefully are some reasons which comprised to your system security.

When you become the victim of identity theft such as passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, it seems like your hearth as taken away from your body. The phisher poses an authenticated person or business and uses email and chats to convince them that they need to respond with certain personal information. It is usually the financial information that criminals fraudulently acquire to use credit cards or bank accounts for illegal acts.

Revealing The Key Ways To Keep Your Data Safe

How Phishing Attack Occur?

The spoofed email will look similar to one you’d receive from your bank, company and financial institution or other company you do business with. Such emails might ask you to “verify your account details “or “confirm your billing information.” When you click on that link, you will redirect to a spoofed site or malicious link that also pretend that of the company they are posing as.

When a user browses a fake site, their personal information can be used in a wrong way to create fake accounts which contain victim’s name, credit card credentials. In addition, they prevent users from accessing their email or account details.

Ways to Protect Phishing

While, the above listed points are not all the foolproof ways in which phishing occurs, there are important practice that you can do to prevent yourself from such attacks:

  • Wrong spellings and the presence of an IP address in the link within the email
  • Lack of greeting, although the presence of one doesn’t mean it come from authenticated source
  • No partial account numbers from banks and credit card companies

If you find yourself suspicious, contact the esteemed company you think sending the email either directly on their website or by contacting them over phone. Now, the company either affirms that it is truly from them or alerts their customers if it sounds phishing.

In order to protect from phishing attacks, install a spam filter on your email. Also make sure that you have the most recent version of web browser such as IE8, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3, and Opera because they comprised of special software that automatically detects spam links.

When we lose our mission-critical data, whether to a system crash, hard disk corruption or to hackers, it feels like we have lost the most important part from our lives. Hence, it is imperative to keep your data safe that matter most to your personal and business activities.

Below are the excellent rules of thumb that will help you to keep your data safe from internal malfunction as well as external attacks.

  • Add security layer to your computer system by installing pro-active antivirus and anti-malware software application.
  • Use a firewall: A firewall help you in blocking the spam programs, viruses, spyware before they penetrate into your computer systems. Many PC online support service provider offer firewall installation services to prevent your system from malicious attacks.
  • Be vigilant towards alleged email that comes from unknown sources. Don’t open emails with attachment if you don’t recognize the source.
  • Keep your operating system updated along with most recent version of security patches. Repair the security holes by downloading the updates from Microsoft.
  • Steer clear of the website of alleged source. These are coded by the malicious and annoying intruders such as spyware.

Viruses, malicious program and spyware can creep into your system and easily deteriorate the performance, corrupt and wreck your important data. Thus, it is important to follow above practices and remove infected links and spams. Prevent your system from slow PC support; always select a reputed tech support organization that offers excellent solution to all your computer glitches.

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