Things To Know About Restoring Residential And Commercial Ceilings

Ceilings of any type of structure needs repair when they get old and start sagging or leaking. Ceilings of older structures are made in different manner as compared to modern structures. The older types of ceilings known as lath and plaster ceilings are made of wooden laths which are fixed horizontally from wall to wall, these laths are coated with 3,4 or more of coatings of clay. Once finished it gives the ceiling a uniform look and also insulates the ceiling. Newer types of ceilings are made with a wide variety of materials, most of them are prefabricated making them easier to remove and refit again. Ceilings of residential structures are different from the commercial structures. Ceilings of residential structures have fittings like chandeliers and other decorative objects whereas ceilings of commercial structures have the vents for the air conditioners and ventilating systems some ceilings are also sound proof, in some cases the ceilings may be suspended from metal fixtures which in turn are fitted to the roof of the building. Repairs to each of these ceilings are carried out by trained and experienced servicemen who specialize in each type of ceiling.


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Many older residential and commercial structures have lath ceilings. Repairs to such types of ceilings are more time consuming, messy and they require the services of the experienced professionals. The main problem with such ceilings is that these are prone to the sagging, cracking or in some cases portions of it may come loose and fall down. Repairing these types of ceilings is a messy affair, even if a small portion or portions of the ceiling require repairs the adjoining areas have to be checked to see if they are weak and may give away at any time. These portions will also have to be knocked down and repaired. In case the whole ceiling has to be repaired the entire plaster will have to be removed, the laths will have to be checked and if necessary replaced. In many cases, all of the laths may have to be replaced as they may be old. If the plaster has separated from the laths but is not cracked or sagging one option is to fit new plaster boards underneath it, the old laths are supported with strong battens that are fixed to the joints and the new boards are fitted below the old ceiling. If the ceiling is in a very bad condition then the best option is to remove the existing ceiling and completely change it. In the case of partial repairs professionals or companies who specialize in such repairs undertake such works. Each one of them has their own methods of restoring ceilings using new technologies and materials.


Repairs of modern ceilings which are prefabricated and are fixed by means of screws or clips are much easier and not messy, all that needs to be done is to unscrew or unclip the damaged section and fix a new one in its place. However, in many cases the ceiling may require repairs only at certain spots. In such cases replacements or repairs can be done by trained servicemen. Modern ceilings are made with a variety of materials like plasterboard, laminated wood and in some cases lightweight metal. The repairs to these ceilings can be done on the site or if it is metal ceilings then they need to be repaired in workshops. Whatever is the type of the ceiling, it needs to be repaired in a manner that the repaired portion blends with the surrounding portions, it should not look like a patch work. Ceilings that have designs on them require extra skill and great care should be taken while repairing them. Ceilings have a wide variety of surfaces, some have tiled surfaces, while some have surfaces resembling pop corns and the designs of ceilings are limitless depending on the imagination of the designer.

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Repairing different types of ceilings requires different techniques and skills, unlike simple replacement jobs repairing has to be done in such a manner that the repaired portion blends well with the existing portions. take a look to decorative plaster for walls and ceilings for residential and commercial.

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