Restore That Original Granite Shine – Polishing Your Granite

Granite is a natural stone that is often crafted into gorgeous countertops and vanities. This natural stone is beautiful right after it is installed, but like any other material, years of wear and tear can make the surface lose its natural shine and beauty. The shine is not achieved by applying a wax coating; it’s a feature of the stone which required thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch over time to release the natural beauty of the granite. To maintain the factory finish with the unique swirls and shine, the stone requires a lot of care and continued conditioning.

Restore That Original Granite Shine - Polishing Your Granite

Protecting the Granite

Granite is a stone surface that can easily be damaged. Some steps should be taken to make sure that the new shiny look stays around for as long as possible. Liquids can stain or dull granite, so be cautious and make sure to prevent condensation by using coasters. Make sure to always place cookware on potholders, and always clean up spills that occur on the surface immediately. Taking these precautions will not prevent the granite from fading naturally, but it will make sure the brilliant shine will stay as long as possible.

Restoring the Granite to its Original Beauty

When the time comes to restore that original factory shine, there are a few ways to go about it. The first method is to call in a professional granite restoration specialist. They will be able to clean, seal and polish the granite surface until it produces a brilliant shine like when it was freshly installed. A typical visit from a granite restoration specialist will cost in the vicinity of $500 for each visit.

The second, more economical option is to take a self interest in the restoration and complete the process of making the stone shine once again. This restoration process is not complicated, and completing the entire process without professional help can drop the cost to around $50 for each restoration.

The first step is to make sure that the surface is clean – clean the surface. You should clean the natural stone surface on a regular basis to assure that strong chemicals aren’t needed to remove stains caused by infrequent cleaning. Do not use any cleaning products that utilize citrus, vinegar, or ammonia. These ingredients are too acidic for a granite surface, and may cause the finish to dull. The stone surface should be cleaned with hot water or cleaner that is designed specifically for granite surfaces, and then dried immediately to prevent spotting.

The next step is to test to see if the granite is sealed properly, and if not – seal it. To do this you can drop a small amount of water onto the surface. If the water soaks into the stone, its time for another coat of protection to be applied. If you need to seal it, make sure the sealer is applied evenly on the dry granite and rub the sealer in with a cotton cloth for three to five minutes until it is completely dry. Allow the sealer to set for 30 minutes, then repeat the water test. Once the water forms a bead, the job is complete. Proper care requires that the seal is re-applied on an annual basis. If this extra care is not taken into account irreversible damage can be done to the granite.

Finally, to complete the process, apply a granite countertop polish to the area, and rub the polish in until it dries to a dull haze. When the surface has a dull haze on it, grab a clean towel and wipe away the haze and it will reveal an amazing shine.

If you are going to invest in granite surfaces for your home, make sure that you care for them properly. Maintaining the original brilliance and shine of a granite surface requires regular maintenance and delicate care. If you perform these steps frequently and pay attention to your stone, it will provide you with years of beauty and function.

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