Renting In Jenks, Oklahoma

City of Jenks is an excellent rental market, this is one of the favorite markets because the city has schools that are highly rated and the demand for rental properties is rising. This helps to place qualified tenants in the investment properties found in Jenks, Oklahoma.

The average price for a square foot space for rent in Jenks is $94, this is a decrease of 16.1% compared to last year’s price, the median sales price for a home in Jenks for the period ranging between January 15 and April 15 was $180,500.

This price is made from sales made from the sale of 52 homes, when a comparison is made for the same period the previous year, there is a decrease in the sale of homes by 14% that accounts for $31,250.

The number of homes sold that particular year decreased to 44.7%, currently, there are 318 new and resale homes in Jenks on Trulia, and among these are 5 open houses and 26 homes that are in pre-foreclosure, bank-owned stages of the process of foreclosure. $321,875 is the average listing price for the sale of a home, this was the standard price for the week ending April 29; this is a representation of a decrease by 5% amounting to $16,769 as compared to 2014.

Since 2000 the prices of the hoses have been appreciated by 3.1% in Jenks, this is a decrease of 5% or $16,769 compared to the sales made in 2003 that amounted to $36,273.

Renting In Jenks, Oklahoma

A person can also experience Jenks like a local by booking unique accommodation from local hosts on Airbnb, there are bedrooms that offers a nice, quiet and simplistic space in the Tulsa suburb of Jenks, these rentals have queen beds, and a walk-in closet that the guest can use.

The kitchen is free for use by the guests, there is a wireless internet and laundry facilities, to add to this is the presence of 500 DVDs to choose from. This service costs between $25 and $150 per day depending on the house chosen.

A small town amenities exists at Jenks, the amenities are conveniently located on the south of Tulsa, and the location is within 5 minutes of many local attractions that include a Riverwalk, great restaurants, parks, entertainment, and the State Aquarium.

The Tulsa rental homes vary between $650 and $1800 per month, the exquisite 4 bedroom houses found in Tulsa are located near Jenks School, the house is over 3,000 square feet, and there are four bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The kitchen has counter tops made of granite, a fridge that is side by side made of stainless steel, microwave, range and dishwasher.

Jenks has a brick bungalow in the heart of Jenks, the bungalow has 2 beds measuring 1100 square feet, amenities found in these bungalow include air conditioners, central heating, 7 living room seats, local Guides/Maps, microwave, parking, and many more. The rates are calculated based on the latest information that has been provided.

The bungalows are completely calm and all its rooms overlook the private court yard, the building is located at the city center between the Places des Corps-Saints and Saint-Didier. There are two rooms in the main house and a separate room is found at the bottom of the courtyard, to add to this, the library located in the ground floor has a sofa bed.

If you’re looking to rent an apartment in this great small town, our friends at Trojan Place have been helping people move into great apartments for years. They have the experience needed to find you your perfect location.

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