Reasons To Choose Dedicated Server Hosting UAE Providers

Dedicated server hosting UAE companies will lease or rent out entire servers exclusively to a single client. In such a type of hosting, resources of the server are dedicated to one client alone and not shared amongst multiple co-users like in a shared hosting environment. This is what makes dedicated server hosting UAE plans beneficial for e-commerce businesses which are likely to get huge volumes of traffic. You will come across many companies in UAE which offer dedicated hosting packages and it is always better to opt for a free trial under them to test their effectiveness and performance. For businesses which are just starting out or for launching personal or individual websites, shared hosting is a far more affordable alternative; dedicated hosting is mainly for sites which are graphic-rich and which are likely to get a lot of traffic.

Reasons To Choose Dedicated Server Hosting UAE Providers

Benefits Offered by Dedicated Server Hosting UAE Plans:

  • Dedicated hosting is always more reliable because the user is not required to share the server resources with other co-users on the same physical server. In shared hosting, resources are likely to get used up by other users and this may cause your website to slow down occasionally, affecting sales. But with dedicated server hosting UAE companies, you can be sure that your site is up and running all the time.
  • Dedicated hosting providers typically offer round-the-clock technical support which ensures that any technical glitch is taken care of by the IT staff immediately and the site never malfunctions.
  • With dedicated hosting, you enjoy total access to the server which allows you to managed and customize the server and configure its settings to accommodate your business needs. You can identify the threats faster and ensure that these are corrected before your website is affected.
  • Servers have to be stored in climate-controlled environments and safely so that there is no unauthorized data access. Servers tend to take up a lot of space and businesses have to pay large expenses to maintain their own servers. When you choose dedicated server hosting UAE plans, you do not have to worry about investing in expensive hardware equipments. The hosting service provider makes sure that the servers are kept in secure locations and that extreme temperature or condensation or other environmental conditions are not affecting its functionality.

These advantages prove that when your business is likely to get a lot of web traffic or uses resource-intensive apps, you should ideally switch to dedicated server hosting UAE companies. The dedicated server hosting plans will offer you a lot of flexibility, scalability, reliability, high uptime and excellent technical support. With dedicated hosting, you can enjoy different types of hosting facilities namely fully managed dedicated hosting, semi-managed dedicated hosting, self-managed hosting and unmanaged dedicated hosting. In fully managed dedicated hosting, the providers are responsible for monitoring and maintain the servers completely, providing regular software and security updates, reboots, OS upgrades and security patches so that you do not have to bother about server management at all. In managed dedicated hosting, customers may do some management tasks but updates and monitoring are handled by the provider. In self-managed dedicated hosting, the businesses handle most operations and providers carry out limited monitoring and maintenance. In unmanaged hosting, there is practically no involvement on part of the provider and the business uses its own IT teams to handle server management.

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