Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Variety of carpet cleaning techniques and methods are used these days by professional carpet cleaners. Professional cleaners use a number of cleaning products which include powders, sanitizers, concentrates, liquids and other treatments. You can discuss with your carpet cleaners and inquire them about the technique they are going to use for you. It is always great idea to outsource the services of carpet cleaning providers. If your carpet doesn’t look tidy or clean then it is high time to think about cleaning your carpet effectively. Do you not want to spend quality time with your pets and family enjoying on a clean carpet? Yes why not, here I would like to discuss about the best carpet cleaning procedures adopt by a professional company. These days dry cleaning methods are preferred over wet cleaning methods.

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Dry Cleaning Technique with dry powder:

In dry carpet cleaning, as the name indicates uses dry detergents which dint have any kind of moisture. In fact this method draws moisture out of carpet. Detergents are applied effectively with a fine brush and then cleaning technique is applied which removes stains and dust from the carpet leaving the carpet clean and colorful. In this technique there is no use of moisture which makes it a bit safer by decreasing the growth of mildew. It acts as antibacterial method so it is safe for the use of pets and kids.
This technique is also called as dry powder method in which you to mix the dry absorbent with dry cleaning detergents. Once the mixture is completely ready then you have to sprinkle the mixture on carpet with the help of rotary brushes. So in this way dust and dirt is attracted then finally removed. After that professionals use vacuum cleaners to remove the dirt. The specialty of this method is that your carpet is not damaged by water. You can use your carpet right away after cleaning by this method. But there is one disadvantage of this method and the disadvantage is that dry method is not recommended for carpets which are very dirty.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Technique:

It is another latest carpet cleaning technique in which carpet cleaners do detailed jobs by cleaning the carpet with steam which results in the removal of grime easily. In order to clean stubborn stains or spots, a combination of detergent and vapor is used to get rid of out of the fabrics of carpet. This procedure is done in two steps. In first step the stains are removed and in the second step overall carpet is cleaned. Steam is provided with a small jet like nozzle which immediately dissolves the stain and eliminating with vacuum. This technique is environment friendly and drying time of carpet is reduced to 2 hours. The benefit of this method is that carpet is not shrinking and its colors remain there. During this technique furniture of the house remains unaffected.

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