Prince George And Princess Charlotte Given Wooden Bath Toys

The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were given wooden replicas of the Navy’s two aircraft carriers which are currently under construction.

“We look forward to testing them in the bath”

William and Kate’s trip to cheer on Sir Ben Ainslie in the America Cup World Series in Portsmouth may have been a wash out as the event was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, but their children were given new toys to play with.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were presented their new toys by Royal Marines officer Colonel Mike Tanner, deputy commander of Portsmouth Naval Base.

The toys were made by BAE systems engineers and were tested in water and coated in a child-proof varnish to ensure the safety of the Prince and Princess.

William said he, Kate and the children were looking forward to trying out their new toys in the bath.

Prince George And Princess Charlotte Given Wooden Bath Toys

Wooden toys – the traditional, natural, and safe choice

It is always necessary to take the upmost care when selecting toys for your children. As we all know, children will put almost every toy directly into their mouth within seconds of receiving them.

As well as concerns about choking hazards, there is also the risk of chemicals in the toys that can put your child’s health in jeopardy.

Soft plastic toys can contain phthalates, and Bisphenol-A (BPA) is often found in hard plastic toys. Both of these chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, issues with development and cancer in children.

Toys that are painted or contain a sealant, often found in bath toys, have been proven to pose a risk to the development of the brains of babies and children.

It’s hard to imagine that your child’s favourite rubber ducky or plastic fire-truck could be such a risk to their health, and harder to convince your child to not play with it. However there are many safe alternatives available for your child.

Safe toys made from organic materials are increasing in popularity and due to this there is an ever growing variety of options available. Wool, cotton and stainless steel toys are good options, but solid wooden toys are the most popular.

The traditional style combined with the comfort of knowing your child is safe make wooden toys the perfect choice for your little ones for playtime and for bath time.

Picking the perfect plaything for your child

Whatever your child’s preference, be it cars, dolls or learning based toys, there is a wooden equivalent available that is safer and more attractive. Not to mention they are all safe for bath times.

Wooden dolls and cars are a beautiful, traditional looking gift for your children, both coming in a range of styles, sizes and colours.

Wooden building blocks can be nostalgic for parents, and your children will love them as much as you did. You can relive your own childhood while helping your child learn.

A wooden xylophone is also something we can all remember from our childhood. However there are also wooden variations of toys you may not expect. Modern dolls houses, prams and farmyards and other scenes are available as wooden toys that are far more attractive than their plastic counterparts.

Of course there is also the option of wooden boats for bath time, a toy fit for a Prince and a Princess and also perfect for your child.

The sensible choice

You want your child to enjoy life and you want your child to be safe. The best way to guarantee these two things is to buy them wooden bath toys. Your child will love them, and you can relax safe in the knowledge that your child will be safe.

John Bellusci is a writer for Cottage Toys, one of the leading online boutiques for traditional wooden toys and baby gifts.

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