Preventing a Bed Bug Infestation

Older generations should be well aware of what bed bugs are and how to tell if they are infesting a house. However people of younger generations think that there could be no issue with such pests since they are obsolete, beg bugs find this lack of attention to their advantage and begin to spread once again.


Shotgun versus honed approach

Pesticides in the past were used to combat most pests at once. That approach, although it was effective in general numbers, it wasn’t good enough when you wanted to exterminate a specific bug. For example, a pesticide that could be used in the past to keep cockroaches and mosquitoes at bay, when it evolved to kill them, it lost some of its potency against other types of pests.

That is why companies like Phoenix bed bug extermination are becoming popular again. People need to know that bed bugs are not a thing of the past and if they get a chance, they will infest your house. And keeping a clean and well maintained household means little to them.

Knowledge is power

Although the sound of having bugs that feed on your blood and have them roaming around your house, is at least a little alarming, there is little to fear about them.

There is no known disease that they can spread, although they feed in a similar way as mosquitoes. However, there are health issues that can occur. One example when scratching the bite marks. It is the most common way for bed bugs to cause health related issues and it can be treated very easily, it is still a thing to look out for.

Confusing the bite marks for mosquito bites for example and scratching them, can cause breaks in your skin which would allow bacteria to penetrate it and enter you blood system. Knowing about the differences and how they should be treated can help you prevent small issues and mild annoyances.

Another thing to know is how to find them. If you begin to see bite marks you can’t explain, like for example in the winter when all mosquitoes are gone, then you should do a thorough inspection of dark and isolated places, like cracks in the walls or under your bed.

Of course, once you start having strong suspicions, it would be wiser to contact service providers like bed bug removal in Mesa to do the inspection for you. After all, they have a lot of experience and know where and how to look for them.

All in all, bed bugs are just like most bugs. There is little to worry about them, but if things get out of hand, having them crawl all around your bedroom is not a sight people want to see. At least knowing about what to expect can help you prevent that.

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