Practice Makes Perfect With Your Own Backyard Hockey Rink

Unlike summer months when afternoon games of basketball and soccer are very easy to create and enjoy, winter sports are often difficult to participate in with neighbourhood friends; but what about a backyard hockey rink? Ice hockey doesn’t require a formal hockey rink; with the help of an easy to assemble rink kit, available for purchase online, you can build a perfect hockey rink, without any additional materials.

Practice Makes Perfect With Your Own Backyard Hockey Rink

A backyard hockey rink is a great way to pass the long winter months and a rink kit is very easy to assemble. No matter the square footage of area one has to install the rink kit, there are numerous sizes to choose from; with sizes between ranging between 15 x 20 feet to 25 x 50 feet, any size lawn can be turned into a hockey rink, with a few easy steps. Check out Rink Master’s website to learn how to make a backyard ice rink. Rink Maser is Canada’s Backyard Rink Store, and with their easy to assemble rink kits and accessories, it’s easy to see why.The average building time is two hours, and all of the materials are included in the rink kit. One great feature of an outdoor hockey rink kit is that there is no need for wood in the assembly.

After ordering a rink kit and before assembly, make sure there is a one-inch layer of snow for the base. To assemble, clear a level area of ground where the rink will be located. Then, lay out the polypropylene tubes to frame the rink. Next, lay the polyethylene liner down and attach the easy-snap caps onto the frame’s tubes to protect against skate or shovel cuts. Once the liner and caps are in place, tuck the remaining liner underneath the frame. Now, flood the rink. There are two ways to fill in the rink with water: with a simple water hose or using a flooding wand. The benefit of using a flooding wand is that it helps evenly distribute water with a flow-controlled feeder and also includes a terry-cloth spreader that helps make the ice level and free from bubbles.

After flooding the rink, wait until the ice freezes. Temperatures should be below 20 degrees for three consecutive days for proper freezing. Sometimes the application of the water will determine how long to wait until enjoying the rink. Make sure to fill in holes made by skates by reapplying water to the rink several times a week. This will help maintain a smooth and enjoyable rink.An outdoor hockey rink will provide friends and family with fun winter memories together. With its easy assembly and upkeep, there is no better way to pass the cold winter months than with a hockey rink built with a rink kit in the backyard!

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