Planning For Channel Letters? Consider The Right Things!

Signage is considered the most effective medium for advertising for small, local businesses. Channel letters are one of the best styles for exterior purpose. During the day, they will help people identify your shop easily, and at the night they will provide sufficient illumination to make your shop’s logo noticeable.

Planning For Channel Letters? Consider The Right Things!

Compared to box signs, channel letters provide more design flexibility and are more attractive. A large number of fonts are available as well. The distinctive construction of channel letters makes it possible to use them for text, logos, and graphics.  Channel letters have many color options and are customizable. This makes them versatile enough for any type of business. There are a number of things you should consider before installing channel letters, such as:


One of the first things to consider when contemplating channel letter installation is power. If the letters do not have an electrical connection, they will look like dimensional letters only. Therefore, prior to installation, you will have to find a way to connect the lighted signs. LED illumination is the best option, as they are very durable, thus they save money on maintenance.

Mounting Options

Mounting options need to be contemplated prior to installation as well.  Attaching the letters to an aluminum cabinet accommodates wires and the power supply. Once all the letters are attached to the raceway, it can be placed at the top of the building in one piece. This consolidates installation too.

Flush mounting is another option which creates a sophisticated look.  Each letter is attached directly to the wall of the building. It requires more labor and interior access, as each letter needs to be hooked individually.

Opt for Reverse Channel Letters for Different Look

Front lit channel letters are the most widely used channel letters. Each of these letters comes with a durable aluminum composite panel (ACP) backing. The sides are made from pre-finished aluminum channel letter coils. Each letter is illuminated internally with neon tubes or LED modules. A translucent acrylic face is then mounted on the letter’s front. This ensures there is uniform illumination across the front surface. Colors can be produced by using a translucent vinyl overlay on the surface of white acrylic or by using one of the available translucent acrylic colors.

However, reverse channel letters are a classy option, in which the letters are lit from behind (unlike front lit channel letters). Mounting them approximately an inch away creates a halo effect.

Blink Marketing and Signs can help you determine which letters, colors, and fonts are best for your sign and brand.  You can also opt for channel letter cabinets for your logo as well, which sets you apart from surrounding businesses. Your shop will attract attention and a lot of customers.

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