Plan and Pick The Perfect Time To Explore Ladakh

The paradise to adventure lovers Ladakh welcomes people to enjoy the natural beauty of the region and gain thrilling experience throughout the year.  The wonders around the region amaze the travelers and the silvery snow capped mountains, green valleys, lakes and a few more are worthy to visit during the holiday. Ladakh is located in the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir The holiday will be a dazzling experience and is surely a dream destination of both adventure as well as nature lovers. Though this location is open for travelers throughout the year there is a peak season, which is the best time to visit as well as a non season or off season where people cannot enjoy completely.

Plan and Pick The Perfect Time To Explore Ladakh

1. Best Season

Ladakh Trip in between summer season as this is a wonderful season where one can enjoy the alluring nature along with many more attractions around.  This season is apt for trekking and outdoor activities and people love the environment. Even one interested in enjoying a road trip need to plan in the between April till September as the temperature is bearable and one can enjoy seeing the waterfalls and even take part in river rafting. Also the highway or Manali and Srinagar are open during this season and bikers can enjoy driving seeing the highest mountain ranges. The temperature in these months lies between 20-30 degrees and one can see and enjoy the stunning views of the picturesque location. Summer is ideal for people who plan to explore all the valleys, lakes, mountain passes and a few more amazing wonders of the fascinating region Ladakh as the bright days allow people to drown in the beauty of the region.

2. A Unique Experience

Coming to winters and being a region is studded in the greater Himalayas the temperatures drop very badly. The region experiences temperature below zero and even much less in peak winters. The majority of the people does not prefer visiting this region during this particular time as everything is frozen. Waterfalls, lakes and every drop of water freezes and people cannot withstand the chilly breeze. Even then there is an advantage for adventure lovers as people can enjoy the Chadar trekking on the frozen river. Other than the Chadar trek he rest of the trekking sites are closed due to excess snowfall and even the majority of the roads are closed as the climate is not comfortable for people to travel. Though the winds are too cool with specific precautions people can enjoy the beauty of the region. In winters the complete region shine in silver due to the snowfall and witnessing this is a unique experience.

Gain an unusual experience by visiting the wonderful location in the season as per your convenience and it is much preferred to visit the destination in summers as one can take part in numerous adventure filled activities. So chose the right season to explore the beauty of the land and plan according to your comfort and turn the vacation a memorable one on the enchanting location Ladakh. Rajasthan Trip plan is next good think in December to January month.

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