Packing Every Room Efficiently

When it comes to moving you want every room to get the same attention and care so that security is well provided for all your belongings. This guide will help you in understanding how to pack different items in different rooms:

The Kitchen:

This is a very important room in terms of packing. It is full of fragile plates and cups that require fragility and more attention than books for example. In here it is important to layer your dishes well into boxes. Wrapping bubble wrap around dishes will decrease the likelihood of damage when movers in Fulham removal companies handle your boxes. Be sure of what materials you are using to pack these breakable valuables. Reduce the possibility of things moving around in boxes as this may lead to collision and thus destroy all your beautiful plates. Cutlery can just be wrapped in paper or plastic, just be careful that what you are using will not mark or scratch these kitchen utensils.

Packing Every Room Efficiently

The Bedroom:

Aside from the bed which should be dismantled and wrapped in layers and layers of bubble wrap, be sure to roll and cover your mattress. These don’t come cheap so try and avoid any tearing or risks. Bedside tables as any tables should be covered in acid free wrapping that you may find in most removal companies.

The Living Room:

The sofa, what would you do without that comfortable sofa? Don’t worry. If you follow these instructions your beloved couch will be safe on its way to your new home. In the moving van the other furniture could potentially tear or demolish your sofa but if you provide enough wrapping and secure protection over the leather or fabric used to make it, it will surely be fine. Make sure you follow the movements of any fragile or easily breakable valuables you have when the men with a van come to handle your things. Supposing that your dining table is found here, wrap this table as much as possible with a first layer of bubble wrap and then apply another layer of cloths to ensure safety. Remember to always be thorough and remain patient to avoid regrets later on.

The Bathroom:

You may want to shower after moving, therefore be sure to pack for this as this is one of the first things that you will require at your new place. For bottles containing liquids you should bag them in plastic bags to avoid them spilling all over in case of the unexpected. The rest of the little toiletries can be put in cases or plastic containers, check that every bottle is closed properly first though.

The Office:

If you have an office in your home then don’t worry this is possibly the easiest room to pack along with your toiletries. Wooden crates for books and binders work best as these reduce the impact taken, also neatly stack everything to reduce movability while in the removal service’s care.

So now that you are done with every room, don’t forget that there’s still the cellar or attic to pack but seeing as there’s such a mixture of things in there just pack accordingly to what item your trying to pack. Remember not to overstuff boxes as these will get very heavy and therefore increase the chances of being dropped or not carried, which is definetly a problem when you are trying to keep things as safe and secur as much as possible.

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