Now Extend Your Quadcopter’s Battery Life Remarkably With These Awesome Tips

Quadcopters are the hottest selling remote control gadgets in the modern era and have compelled both youngster s and adults to get their hands on it. But like any other electronic gadget, even the best quadcopter with camera quadcopters do have a limited battery life and needs to get charged after certain amount of time. Many times the battery gets drained out quickly causing much frustration. Follow are helpful ways that would aid users to extend their quadcopters’ battery life in a commendable way.

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Minimize the camera use:

Nearly all popular quadcopters these days come packed with built in camera app. Users love to capture still photos and videos from unique different angles but camera drains battery quickly. Users who are not fond of photography can choose to buy drones without cameras as cameras not only add weight to the quadcopter but also eat up the battery in a quick.

Invest in heavy batteries

Majority of all the quadcopters come packed with mediocre batteries that work only for shorter periods of time. Users who want to fly drones for longer periods of time can invest in purchasing batteries with a high mAh. Quadcopter reviews have stated that the batteries packed with different models can power the drone for a maximum time of twenty minutes. Those who want to enjoy longer flights can purchase replacement batteries

Make wise choices for the propeller

The propeller size matters a lot where battery is concerned. This has been mentioned a lot of times at and those who wish to attach camera with their quadcopters must think to experiment with propellers of larger size. Those who do not want the camera can go for drones with small sized propellers. One can experiment with a number of sizes to determine which size saves the battery life.

Fly quadcopters in feasible conditions

What is the best quadcopter? This is a common question asked by many users. The major reason behind this question is to inquire about the battery life as everyone wants to fly drones for longer periods of time. Avoid flying quadcopters in rainy and stormy weather as struggling to balance the device in such conditions drains the battery quickly.

Practice recommended charging cycles

To extend the battery life of your quadcopter, never drain the battery completely before charging and recharge the battery to at least eighty percent when it drops to forty percent.

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