New Vehicle Comes With Peace Of Mind


You might not realize that with every Toyota purchase, you also get peace of mind. But new Toyotas come with something very special. You get Toyota Care, and that means that you get 24/7 roadside assistance, inspections and maintenance of your fluid levels, oil and filter replacements, tire rotations, and regular inspections. All of that, just because your local Toyota dealer in Temecula wants your Toyota to last you as long as possible and for you to be safe and taken care of when you’re out on the road.

New Vehicle Comes With Peace Of Mind

All of aforementioned services come free of charge with a new Toyota purchase and they last for 25,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. The only exception is roadside assistance, which is provided for two years, regardless of mileage. Toyota Care’s roadside assistance is there for you if you need winching, tire maintenance, towing, locksmith services, a battery jumped, or emergency fuel. It’s hard to beat buying a new car from a company that wants to take care of you, free of charge, even after you’ve made your purchase.

Toyota aims to take care of its’ customers and is always looking to make sure your new purchase lasts as long as it possibly can. Let them keep your new car on the road longer with the right kind of care, including routine maintenance. The experts at your local dealership can make sure you have your tires inflated properly and are using the right oil to keep your car as fuel efficient as it can be. Schedule your maintenance ahead of time at to avoid having to wait any longer than necessary when you visit the dealership and you’ll save yourself time and money on all your routine maintenance and care.

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