Natural Flooring Will Enrich Your Indoors With Style and Durability

The floors made from tiles or wood may bear cracks or crevices. Even when they are applied to the wooden walls or walls made from concrete. Suitable hard coverings are normally added as decoration items which will not only cover the fault areas on the floors or on the walls but also will act as insulator for protection from the cold. In the past, the art of floor covering originated in the Middle East and were first woven by the nomadic herders using wool or goat’s hair. This art of weaving carpet has been seen in the religious texts of Quran in which it has been referred as the furniture of paradise. Persian carpets have been always in demand since the ancient times. Its appearance with different colorful shades, motifs and patterns has appealed to the entire world. Western Europe then used its inspiration and designed carpets with marvelous themes which gained instant attention and became very popular. However, owing to high prices, it remained accessible only to the rich and royal families in the Middle Ages and in the Victorian era. With the passage of time, carpet makers understood the passion of the common people for such beautiful things and revolutionized the art with synthetic or plant fibers.

Natural Flooring Will Enrich Your Indoors With Style and Durability

Whilst there are many different companies in the market who are designing the natural floorings at competitive rates, only Floorspace Natural Flooring stands as a perfect example of art and utility in all practical circumstances. One of the most surprising facts about their Natural Flooring is that their pricing is highly reasonable. And everyone can design and order their carpet or any type of natural covering, in a customized form. Their carpet customers also appreciate the excellent customer service practices which is free of cost. Whether you buy the product online or by visiting their store, you can get their ‘free of cost’, customer service for tips about installation. Natural flooring may come from different plant fibers like sisal, coir, seagrass and jute. People can rely on their natural flooring made from these fibers for following reasons:

  • It is a matter of fashion these days, since the start of the green revolution, to decorate your home with items which are derived from natural plant fibers. Therefore, natural covering not only gives the natural glow to indoors of the residence or the commercial space but is also useful after it is thrown away and burnt. It is biodegradable product which can be recycled and become purposeful again in different ways.
  • It is resistant to static electricity unlike the rugs or the carpets made from the animal or synthetic fibers. Therefore, it becomes safe and useful in real sense. It is because the kids and old family members can easily make movements or sit on them.
  • Natural flooring can tolerate a huge crowd or regular heavy traffic and even after regular use, it appears still fresh and undamaged. In fact, natural floor covering looks durable and is strong even after long term usage.
  • Natural flooring should not come in contact with the harsh sunlight or moisture. In both cases, the chances of color fading and shrinking occur and then the deterioration begins.
  • Dust can be easily removed from the your natural flooring with the help of a dry cleaning method such as vacuuming.

The natural flooring made from sisal, coir, seagrass or the jute are actually derived from different plants. Sisal fiber is the extract which is actually derived from the lower leaves of a plant of cactus variety. It is processed and then interknitted into hard covering applicable for your living rooms, hallways and staircases. Similarly, coir is actually a product from coconut shells. The husk derived from the coconut is left to be wet for sometime in a pond and later on it is woven into a tough covering. However, it is advisable to not use in the bedroom area. It is because it is extremely hard for someone who moves around on bare feet. Seagrass is usually found on the sea bed. It is harvested and then dried and used for weaving carpets or rugs. Jute, another plant product, is very commonly used not only making carpets or runners, its usefulness has been found in form of weaving clothes and designer bags. These plant fibers are grown in the tropical and sub tropical climates of the globe.

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