Mysore – An Old and Highly Popular City In Karnataka

Mysore, a beautiful city and home to multiple plush palaces, is the second largest city in Karnataka. It is an ancient city with a rich royal history that generates huge tourists’ attention beckoning them to visit the city. According to beliefs, it is named after a demon called Mahishasura who used to live in the place. Later the demon was slain by Goddess Chamundeshwari who is highly revered by the locals. During the course of time, the place fell under the reign of different rulers amongst whom the Wodeyars are highly popular, as their reign over the city started in 1399 and lasted till 1947, when India finally got its independence. Patrons of art and culture, they made significant contributions in growing the culture of the city to an extent that the city is specifically noted for its rich culture. There are various nationwide popular things that are elusive to the city. The popular ones include: Mysore painting, Mysore Pak, Mysore silk saree, and Mysore Mallige. Apart from these, the city is distinctly noted for Dussehra Festival, celebrated for 10 straight days. Dussehra celebrations in the city are simply grand and filled with colors and joy. It is amongst the time intervals when the city is most crowded with visitors.

Today, the city is also one of the most visited tourist destinations. There are numerous reasons that bewitch backpackers to visit the city, of which, exploring the monumental places and history of the city; relishing the vibrant culture and spending some time in the midst of beautiful nature are the significant reasons. If you wish to visit the city on your next vacation, following are some popular tourist attractions that you should include in your itinerary.

Brindavan Gardens – Completed in 1932, the Brindavan Gardens Mysore is a must-visit in order to complete your tour of the city. Set adjoining the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam along the banks of Cauvery River, the place is highly popular amongst locals as well as tourists. Spreading over an area of 60 acres, the gardens are filled with various kinds of beautiful and aromatic flowers, trees, and fountains. The fountains in particular are chief attractions here. They are not just regular fountains, but they dance! Every evening, the place gets flocked by people as the fountains dance to the tunes of music with colorful lights backing them up.

Mysore - An Old and Highly Popular City In Karnataka

Mysore Palace – It is a palatial place standing in the midst of bustling city. Built in 1912 and featuring an unparalleled Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, the palace is a grand one, exhibiting the plush lifestyle of Mysore’s royal family. It is a great reference to history of the city and a treat to the eyes. Its beauty reaches a complete new level on every Sunday night and festive occasions as the whole palace is lit up with thousands of illuminating lights.

St. Philomena’s Cathedral – Situated in close proximity to the Mysore Palace, this church is a prominent historical landmark in the city. It was built in 1933 and its foundation was laid by Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. It is built in Neo-Gothic architectural style and counts amongst the most beautiful churches. It has 2 lofty spires, each of 175 feet. The stained glass windows containing beautiful paintings are just stunning. People come here to worship, seeking spiritual relaxation.

In a nutshell, full of wonderful tourist attractions that are exclusive to the city, Mysore is an ideal destination to visit. Belgaum is a good gateway to get into the city. Simply hop on a Belgaum to Mysore train, get into the city, and get busy exploring the attractions of the place.

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