Monumental Masons – Create In Shape Of A Timeless Memory

Monumental Masonry is a kind of task where headstones are constructed and installed at specific places in memory of people who are deceased. In many cultures the death of a person is marked with headstones and these stones have an inscription on them that gives some vital details about the person and is sometimes marked with an epitaph too. The headstones are arranged after the burial is done. Monumental Masons are involved in constructing and installing such headstones.

Services of Monumental Masons include:

  • Creation of permanent lasting tributes to people who are deceased.
  • Headstones known by other names such as gravestones, monuments or specific memorials are manufactured by in-house professional masons. They deliver on time and always work on a tight schedule. They strive to attain the highest standards in quality perfection of these headstones and maintain confidentiality in some cases.

Monumental Masons - Create In Shape Of A Timeless Memory

  • There are memberships of the Headstone Mason fraternity and such membership provides a perennial supply of high grade granite materials and some out of the box designs suited for every need and requirement. These are apt for a distinctive memorials service.
  • The Headstones can also be ordered with some accessories. Accessories include statues, flowers vases, porcelain flowers that can be adorned near the burial site and near the headstone area. Apart from these, the monumental masons also provide porcelain statues and adornments made out of bronze.
  • Monumental Masons look at restoration of sites too. Sometimes, headstones chip off or become redundant after a point of time and these require work. Monumental Masons look at this type of work and hence are extremely resourceful when it comes to the restoration of headstones. Services with regards to restoration include an onsite visit, followed by assessing the maintenance work required and lastly by submitting a detailed report of the cost enhancements.
  • At times people require additional headstones to be put in the same vicinity. Monumental Masons look after the inscriptions and creation and installation of headstones. With this regard, they have to be careful to see that the additional new headstones will match the old one and the color and make are same. The font and texture of new one has to completely match with the earlier ones. So care is taken in this regard.

Monumental Masons - Create In Shape Of A Timeless Memory

  • Refurbishments – These are also looked at by monumental masons. Restoration can be modern or traditional; it can be small or big. Public monuments or war memorials are sometimes worn out or defaced over time and the monumental masonry brings back into life these headstones and monuments are restored back to their original make. Some people put graffiti and destroy these monuments and sometimes there is pure vandalism involved. The restoration requires lot of efforts. Monumental Masons take up such jobs and ensure that justice is done.
  • Coloring of headstones inscriptions and straightening leaning memorials are also undertaken.

Tips to get a Good Monumental Mason 

  • Local Housing Communities can be contacted to find about masons and their appropriate licensing. You can also find out if such a monumental mason has a bad record and details about work done recently can also be ascertained. Online website also caters to these requirements.
  • It is a good thing to make sure that the masons have adequate insurance before you get things started from your end.
  • Make sure to determine what you requirement is and then contact the right kind of mason for it. You can ask one or more masons to bid on a masonry contact, and accordingly choose the one with the lowest bid.

You can also see more details on Monumental Mason with extra specifics on creation of your each monuments. 

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