Massively Expand Your Audience With Guest Posts

Whether you are a budding writer or an established writer, you always wish to increase number of your audience and for that you use various methods like promoting and sharing your article through social networking sites. There is another way to massively expand your readership which is “guest posting”. Guest posting is way to write and publish your post on some other domain such as a host site or blog. Let’s discuss how you can get more readers through guest post article.

Massively Expand Your Audience With Guest Posts

Get Established Audience

Rather than posting an article on your new blog, you can post it on an established and popular blogging site. Now you will question that why you should not post an article on your own blog and attract the traffic on some other blog with your article. The answer is since your blog is new therefore rather than waiting for readers, share your piece of work with an established reading community at a bigger blog and obtain recognition (in case of new writer) or influence your readers (in case of experienced writers).

Get More Search Hits

If your content has high quality and written on a universal topic or even directed to a particular community then you will surely grab many eyeballs. When your post will get more views, comments and shares then it will also reflect in search results of the search engines like Google. It means that you will get more popularity than your fellow writers and list in top results of Google which is beneficial for your career or business.

Improve Your Skills

When you become part of a big writing or reading community then you become aware about the writing trend, hot topics and interests. These things inspire you to write new stuff and even experiment with your writing. Readers comments also encourage you to improve you writing and the negative responses make you aware about your flaws. Your improved writing attracts more readers to your post which increases your popularity.

Sharing is the Key to Success

Social media is all about sharing and if you want to attract visitors to your post then you should share your article across all social networking sites. You can also check out the posts of your fellow writers and share their stuff in your network if you like them. This practice will gain their respect and they will do the same to your post.

Interact with Readers

You get an established audience and you have shared your article with them. If you think that is all you have to do then you are doing a mistake. Your readers like your article and that is why leaving their comments on it. If you thank them and let them know that how valuable their comment and response is to you then they will like you more and also read your future post and even recommend, promote and share your article in their social circle.

Follow the Rules

The host site or blog has set of rules for accepting guest post article. Some sites has structured system with different categories for writers while others are not well structured and you have to look out for such things before you join them as guest writer. Their policy can vary in context of accepting guest articles such as some may accept guest posts on regular basis or weekly and in a predefined format. You have to follow their rules regarding the format and other related features like article length, theme, keywords, tags etc. These rules are for your own convenience so that readers can easily search article of their desired topic and you can get more hits on your post.

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