Marine Refrigeration

Marine Refrigeration – A Seaworthy Convenience

Marine refrigeration is a necessity in the fishing industry. Without reliable marine refrigeration, fish and shellfish might not make it to port in saleable condition. Marine refrigeration is also important for commercial tourist vessels and for personal craft. One type of marine refrigeration is similar to those used at home. These are installed in free standing spaces. The other type of marine refrigeration is designed to fit into available space aboard boats or the boat’s galley. There’s a similarity of marine refrigeration parts to those for home and commercial use. All refrigeration units require a condenser, the use of a refrigerant and a compressor. A marine refrigerator also includes evaporator and holding plates installed in the refrigeration compartment. These plates maintain cold temperatures and operate in cohesion with other refrigeration parts. The major difference between standard refrigerator parts and marine refrigerator parts is output and size. Marine refrigerators may be 15 cubic feet, with a five cubic feet freezer.

Marine Refrigeration

Choosing and Maintaining Marine Refrigeration

Boat owners need to configure the size of the marine refrigerator that will fit their craft. Since these have a box design, it’s best to choose an experienced, professional marine refrigeration expert. Founded by owner, Mike Hobson, who has three decades in boat design and construction and a diploma in Yacht Design, My Boats Gear, is a one-stop information source for marine refrigeration, as well as a full line of other, up-to-the-minute products. These include:

. Sails and rigging

. Deck equipment

. Safety equipment

. Classic hardware

. Electrical systems and electronic navigation systems

. Clothing and other personal gear

. Small craft

. Engines and power systems

My Boats Gear – Information When You Need It

My Boats Gear is a comprehensive site that provides information on highest quality equipment and also a wealth of articles on boating apps, anchoring, safety, maintenance and navigation of greatest interest to boaters. In addition, My Boats Gears maintains a quality standard that includes a product selection process with a minimum of two of the most desired features, including:

. Affordability

. Space Saving

. Energy efficient

. Convenience

. Safety

. Ease of use

. Simplicity

. Comfort

. Green products

. Innovation

. Problem Solving

. Time saving

Instead of wasting hours looking for a top-notch source for marine refrigeration products, visit and check out the information provided that will help make educated decisions on the best marine refrigeration products in today’s market. Join the My Boats Gear community and get the facts on marine refrigeration from the experts. Take advantage of the free newsletter. If you’re an avid boater, is a must view site to stay abreast of the latest marine refrigeration data.

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