Make Your Visit To Paro Memorable

Paro has in itself rich culture, large number of legends and myths and scenic beauty. It hosts Bhutan’s oldest monasteries, temples, museum and only airport of the country. Mount Chomolhari with a height of 7,314 meters reigns at the north side of the valley. Paro is a very fertile valley that produces bulk of famous red rice locally.

Make Your Visit To Paro Memorable

Rinpung Dzong

It was built in 1646. Dzong houses the body of Paro, office of Dzongda and Thrimpon of the district. Approach to Dzong is through covered bridge known as Nemi Zam. While walking under the bridge you get an excellent view of architectural view of Dzong and the people living around it. It also hosts Paro Tshechu once every year during spring. Expedia coupon codes can be handy while making your travel plans.

Ta Dzong

It was initially built watch tower for defending Rinpung Dzong at the time of inters valley wars during 17th century. It is being used as National Museum of Bhutan. It has a magnificent collection of relics, art, religious paintings and lovely postage stamps of Bhutan. The shape of museum is circular and augments the varied collection that has been displayed on several floors.

Drukgyel Dzong

This delightful village was built in 1646 by Shabdrung to celebrate his triumph over Tibetan invaders. This Dzong has withstood its glory strategically and historically and was also mentioned in the magazine of National Geographic in 1914. It retained its glory even when it got destroyed in 1951 by fire. You can have imposing view of Mount. Chomolhari from the village below it.

Kyichu Lhakhang

This is most sacred and oldest shrines of Kingdom dating back to the 7th century. This has two temples and the first was built in 7th century bySongtsen Gampo, Tibetan King. Second temple was built in 1968 by the Queen mother of Bhutan, as per the original pattern.

Farm House

The loveliness of Paro valley lies in the cluster of farm houses that are decorative, very colorful and have been customarily built without using any nails. All the houses are of same architectural prototype. You will get good glimpse of a farmer’s life on visiting a farm house. has the best collection of latest travel deals and you must check them out prior to making bookings.

Druk Choeding

The temple town was built by Ngawang who was one of prince of Ralung in 1525. He was the ancestor of Shabdrung.

Dungtse Lhakhang

The bizarre building was constructed by Thangtong Gyalpo in 1433. Its three floors represent heaven, hell and earth. The paintings displayed inside are the finest in Bhutan. To east of road and beyond Dungtse Lhakhang, little Pana Lhakhang  is very old and was supposedly built in the 7th century.

Ugyen Pelri Palace

This palace was built in 1900s by Paro Penlop, Tsering Penjor. The palace is located in isolated wooded compound at south of river west of Dzong. It was designed as per Guru Rinpoche’s paradise, Zangto Peiri. This is an excellent example of most beautiful architecture of Bhutan.

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