Make Your Building Look Brand New By Using Stone Restoration Services

Stone Restoration is the art of returning granite, marble and other kinds of natural stone to their original factory finish. Both commercial and residential consumers prefer natural stone. They are in love with the unrivalled beauty of marble and granite. Over the years, only few people have learnt the techniques required to restore it to its original state in case it gets damaged.

Companies offering stone Restoration services London adopt new techniques to deliver top quality services to consumers. Even after paying a fortune on durable natural stone, you might be facing maintenance issues with it. Hence, you must find the right service provider to preserve its value, monetarily and personally.

Getting the help of professional services for stone restoration is always beneficial. They employ skilled professionals and even include best materials. Many services carry out samples, make risk assessment and provide free estimates on request. The services offered are:

Cleaning: There are many ways to clean buildings. The method for cleaning depends on many factors like construction materials, nature of soiling and extent of decoration. The cleaning services offered are

  • Water cleaning
  • Super Heated systems (DOFF)
  • How water pressure
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Poultice cleaning
  • Paint removers
  • AGS (Anti-Graffiti System)
  • Blast cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning


  • Pointing: The mortar between bricks is referred as ‘pointing’. Repairing the pointing enhances the structure and retains its historic features too. To avoid this, a non-visible mortar is used these days. This is done by
    • Usage of high quality bricks
    • ‘Rubbed’ brickwork in which the bricks are rubber together till they are fitted closely together
    • Stained mortar so as to hide the opening
  • Mortar matching: A complete mortar matching service is offered. Coloured mortar mix in powder form is added with dry sand. To ensure that the bricks match, a test is carried out. If the results are accurate, the bricks are made in suitable quantity matches.
  • Building and repair: The restoration services have good knowledge about bricks. They work with suppliers of bricks and thus can readily source specific bricks.

Traditional stone masonry: Good masonry results in good architecture and this is why these services are equipped with the finest craftsman. They have detailed experience in all kinds of stones. They make sure that the stone selected is suitable for each individual’s project.


Conservation: Over the previous 20 years, there is more demand for restoration and repair of traditional buildings. The professional services have the necessary skill, knowledge and experience to restore the damages in ancient buildings.


They have the knowledge of building construction of all ages and the nature of materials used in the structure.  The experts have the ability to communicate the concepts using both CAD and traditional drawing styles. They assess the current condition of the buildings and diagnose defects. Depending on the defects, they recommend the required repair works.


It is hence important to preserve your ancient buildings structure with the help of stone restoration services.

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