Make The Move To Modern Leather Furniture and Impress Your Guests

You’ve been contemplating a spruced-up design in your home, just in time for the holidays, and you’re becoming overwhelmed by the variety of furniture choices available. You’ve also made some important lifestyle changes that you would love to carry into major purchases that you make. You are a part of a growing number of consumers who are making conscious efforts to buy green, eco-friendly furniture.

Make The Move To Modern Leather Furniture and Impress Your Guests
In 2013, Environmental Leader reported that 71% of consumers think green while they consider products to purchase. As you are now discovering, the list of green product offerings is not limited to foods and cleaning products. The furniture industry has become a part of the green industry and are continuing to manufacture eco-friendly or sustainable furniture. Modern leather furniture not only looks good, but modern furniture makers are using eco-friendly, BioPlush soybean based cushioning utilizing renewable materials that reduce the fossil fuels that are commonly used in more antiquated methods of manufacturing.

According to the Sustainable Furnishing Council, the adoption of a green sustainability strategy stems from recognition of the health impact that products have on consumers and that the key to providing assurance for consumers is to increase purchases from suppliers holding the same high standards. Modern leather furniture makers strive to design pieces that meet a variety of their consumers’ needs of being stylish, tasteful, easy to maintain, and eco-responsible. It is an added advantage to know that your home can look good and be good for the environment. Whether you’re in the market for chairs, sofas, or the ever-popular sectional (to keep your living room layout versatile), there’s a retailer out there.

Don’t think that you’ll be compromising your sense of style by choosing eco-friendly furniture pieces. That kind of old-fashioned regressive thinking is what’s kept electric cars and sustainable foods off the market for years. If you want stylish, beautiful furniture that is also eco-friendly, it isn’t difficult to find a furniture retailer with your same priorities in mind. Take Toronto’s The Chesterfield Shop as an example. If you visit their site, you’ll see that there is a wide range of colors and different grades of leather to choose from, and many of their models use soy-based cushioning, so no worries on the environment front. The same quality standards you have become accustomed to can be found in eco-friendly modern leather furniture. Rich browns, vibrant whites, cool hues of blue, tufted backs, and plush pillow backed pieces will hold center stage, dazzling your guests as they walk into your home. What speaks to your cultured and stylish tastes better than a leather sectional, perfectly accenting your living room, arching at all the right angles, and made from environmentally-friendly materials to boot.

Leather furniture is family friendly, is easy to clean and very comfortable. When making your final decision on a sofa or sectional, be sure to choose a trusted retailer who has been in business for a significant period of time — a retailer whose made a commitment to meet the needs of its customers and promises to stand behind its merchandise. The Chesterfield Shop, one of Toronto’s premier furniture retailers, has been in business since 1948, so you know they have the know-how and reputation to back up their sales.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction you’d feel walking into your newly furnished room and feasting your eyes on a modern or leather sectional, looking forward to all of the new memories you’ll make during family gatherings, quiet movie nights, brunch with the girls, or big sports game nights. Leather furniture is a great choice for comfort, durability and style.

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