Make Money While Helping The Environment: Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is transforming into one of the leading industry within America. It is not just a vital step in the direction of sustainable development but also has the potential to stand on the rising issue of unemployment among the youth of our great nation.

Using recycled metal for the production of commercial and industrial products, is a way to counter the increasing prices of metal as well as ensure the smooth functioning of industries effectively countering the shortage of metal.

With major global manufacturers, understanding the need of the hour and using recycled metal for manufacturing their product. The valuable efforts and inputs from every citizen are essential to make it a countrywide success.

More than 4 pounds of trash is created by an average American daily. If we base our calculation on this figure, then they create approximately 1.5 ton of solid waste per year per person in the United States itself. If the reports by EPA are taken into consideration, then only a mere 30% of the total trash generated is recycled. Whereas more than 75% of the total trash generated is recyclable. That means more than 0.67 ton per person per year of recyclable trash is dumped on the ocean beds or in landfills that can be reused to manufacture products.

The report further adds that more than 87% of Americans have access to scrap metal recycling service or drop-off recycling program. However, there is still ample scope for improvement. As the results stated above, clearly indicates that the present system in place is not efficient and responsible enough.

Make Money While Helping The Environment: Scrap Metal Recycling

The basic way to involve people and to make it make the most of discarded metal scrap is by making people aware of the benefits of recycling metal scrap. Here are a the most frequently asked questions related to metal recycling.

What types of metals are classified as scrap?

Copper, Aluminium, Steel, iron, wires, are accepted everywhere. However, it depends upon your local scrap yard on other metals.

How to distinguish between different metals?

Metals are of 2 types

Ferrous: Bring a magnet, if it sticks to the metal then it is a ferrous metal like iron or steel.

Nonferrous: If the magnet doesn’t stick to the metal then it is a non-ferrous metal. Aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and zinc. They are more valuable than ferrous metals.

Can I resell the entire product?

If you take your product to a scrapyard, then you are only paid for the metal, not the product, or it’s an engineering marvel and brand value.

Is my old metal hanger termed as scrap?

Yes, your old metal hanger can be recycled and reused. Most of the dry cleaners have collection bins at their store for the same. If yours doesn’t have one, you can drop off the metal hangers in any metal recycle bin.

Are all metals worth the same?

No, all metals are not worth the same. The prices of different metal fluctuate but within a dollar/pound. You can know the value of each metal from here

What is the minimum quantity of metal that I need to take to a scrapyard?

Scrap yards accept any amount of metal scrap, be it a pound or ton. However, your payment is dependent on the weight of the metal so the more you take the profiteer will be your trip. If you like, you can collect scrap from all your neighbours too when visiting a scrap yard.

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