Make A Maintenance Checklist For Hardwood Floorings

Maintaining hardwood floorings clean and polished is often one of the most difficult things to do for the new season. However, if you properly maintain a good condition of the hardwood floorings at home – you can get some truly nice results with just a simple mopping. There is no need to use numerous hygienic sprays and detergents for making the wooden texture with a longer lasting beautiful effect. Next are few steps and tips to include in your maintenance checklist.

– Thoroughly inspect every visible corner of the hardwood floorings, which includes its greatest area in the most cases. According the professionals carpet cleaners in Acton it`s not required to remove carpets, rugs, tables and other furniture at this step, because the parts of the hardwood floorings under the coverings are usually protected and clean. When inspecting the visible parts of the floor, take notes about the condition of the dirtiest areas or check out the strips at the edges of the walls for any need of repairs, sanding and other adjustments. If your floorings include only natural hardwood – you probably want to check all the beautiful natural textures typical for the wood. Inspect the dark and light areas for discoloration, traces from spills or weathering issues. All these will help you to determine the exact ways and tools for maintenance.

Make A Maintenance Checklist For Hardwood Floorings

– Next, remove all other floor coverings like carpets and rugs. They should leave already clean and properly maintained areas, which on the other hand, give the best clue about how should look the other open areas of the hardwood flooring. Laminate floorings are much more resistant to stains and scratches, however, they can`t provide the natural look of a natural hardwood. Because of that, another great idea to include in your checklist for home maintenance is to change all or at least a few carpets with new ones. Take a pick of a carpet with a complimentary texture to the texture of the hardwood. Or else, choose a carpet with an absolute contrasting texture, which is the perfect way to highlight some details and areas of the rest of the hardwood flooring.

– Then, do some cleaning according to the degree of staining of the floorings. A rental scrubber machine is a great opt for sanitizing the capillary texture of the natural hardwood. A machine that removes a tiny slice of the highest layer of the natural wood is another great choice, especially if the floorings have truly stained and dirty spots.

– The next important thing to include in your maintenance checklist is waxing and sealing the surface of the natural hardwood. This yet simple step adds a layer of protection an in the meantime, the true textures of the natural wood pop up right after application of the wax.

– Schedule the maintenance checklist for a couple of times a year if it comes to a frequently used room like the floorings in the living room or in the dining room. This will ensure a proper maintenance and it should eliminate the appearance of big issues or needs from repairs. For not so frequently used rooms like the bedroom, for example, a greater advice is to schedule the hardwood maintenance for once in a year or even once in two years. Yet it all depends on a vast array of other factors like whether you have small kids or pets at home, whether you often leave the doors and the windows open for a greater weathering effect, whether you ask your friends and guests to leave their shoes at the entrance, etc.

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