LG G4 S Details: 5.2-Inch 1080p Screen, Octa-Core CPU

LG has recently unveiled the new flagship of its fleet, but it does not intend to stop there  latest leak out is all about the yet-unannounced mid-range variant under G4. The beginnings of a LG G4 s had raised eyebrows in January, presenting a data sheet produced by GFXBench. At last, the model is a well G4s approach, but it would present very different characteristics than that previously presented models. Details of what we can expect to see inside have also been shared by Russian site hi-tech.mail.ru.

The LG G4s would therefore lend strong hands to LG G4c released earlier in the year. Two flagship of miniaturization in so little time? This is announced by the Russian site Hi-tech. mail, presenting as the successor to the G3s. Lying in the middle range between G4 and G4c. This model G4s has transcribed characteristics on the Russian site. However, This information should be taken with large tweezers as no official announcement has yet been made.

The latest information revealed in the report of the site shows beyond that, the rear camera takes a dive to 8MP with laser auto-focus. Note that unlike the G4c the G4s will see with the same laser autofocus technology like its predecessor, the G4. Whatever happens, it will be better to take what follows with the most extreme prudence.

LG G4 S Details: 5.2-Inch 1080p Screen, Octa-Core CPU

A Mid-range Smartphone?

The other findings made in the datasheet according to Russian website Hi-Tech. Mail. Ru, screen 5.2 inches with Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. The LG G4s would be powered by an octa-core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 clocked at 1.5 Ghz, which would place it in fact between 808 and 410 of the G4 and G4c.

Regarding further information on this potential new model, it will take a little. It is not clear where or how LG plans and how much storage capacity they offer, it is likely that this layer to the previous versions. Have at least 2 GB of RAM and at least 16GB of internal memory.

And then? We do not know much, unfortunately, except that the terminal should look like a lot its previous models. It should thus inherit its lines and its special features. Its buttons are suddenly placed in the rear of the unit, interconnecting under the camera module and it would even get a bonus laser autofocus. There’s not much other detail to this rumor, the LG G4s will be presented and there will probably wait for the next leak sees a little clearer. But the rest of its specs are yet unknown. This includes its price and launch date.

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