Keep Your Newest LG In Mint Condition – Apply A Skin

The new LG G4 is easy to fall in love with. Its sleek design contains some pretty impressive specs that are sure to get any techie going. Its sleek design hides a ground breaking 16 megapixel camera that’s capable of taking amazing shots in even the lowest light. Once viewed on the 5.5 Quad HD display, the pics it grabs don’t look they were taken on a cell phone. With the brightest and boldest colours highlighted, the G4 presents a beautiful display for still photographs, videos, and all of the apps its users love. This of comes in addition to the Snapdragon processor, removable 3,000 mAh battery, and 32 GB built-in and expandable storage. All in all, the LG G4 is an attractive phone.

Keep Your Newest LG In Mint Condition - Apply A Skin

For most G4 owners, the ability to keep their smartwatch in mint condition is a valid concern considering the cost of the devices. Don’t simply settle for the manufacturer’s options for style. When weighing available options for keeping your LG G4 protected, the market is full of attractive possibilities.

There are many different types of covers, cases, and holsters to protect smartphones. If you’ve ever mistakenly dropped your phone, you can appreciate the importance of protecting it. Once dropped, covers pop off and cases fly open – sometimes scattering the case and phone in different directions. As you scramble to retrieve your phone, it’s then that you notice the dings or scratches and that gut-wrenching feeling that the screen may be shattered. What you should consider when shopping for maximum protection is something that will adhere to the body of your phone without the chance of popping off in a collision. A LG G4 skin does exactly that.

When selecting a competitively-priced skin for the LG G4, it should fit the phone precisely to offer maximum protection from scratches, dents, and dings. No other phone has the 5.5” display, which affects the whole shape of the phone. The skin that you choose should take into consideration each curve and corner and hug them perfectly. In addition to fit, the materials which the skin is made should be scratch and fade-resistant so your device looks good at all times. In order to provide a snug fit with the protective qualities you need to keep your G4 looking great, dbrand uses only the finest 3M vinyl. This material ensures a precision cut around all of your G4’s features without having to break the bank. At a relatively low cost, dbrand skins for the new LG G4 are as affordable as they are fashionable – which, considering their stylish options of true mahogany or titanium white is a pretty good deal.

The LG G4 has a long list of features that have delighted users and critics alike. Adding a skin can make the list that much longer, with the added benefit of making any G4 look utterly unique. Protection in the form of true texture vinyl skins is a guarantee, so the specs that make the G4 a marvel will stay that way.

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