Is The Dodge Durango The Right Choice For You?

Dodge is an automotive manufacturer that has a reputation up for building vehicles that are stylish and are known for having enough power to make the drive enjoyable. They also have a variety of safety features that that comes standard in all of their vehicles, which are designed to give their drivers peace of mind under any type of driving conditions. For a great choice in vehicles pay a visit to Chrysler San Francisco.

Is The Dodge Durango The Right Choice For You?

One of their most popular vehicles is the Dodge Durango, and although many people classify it as a mid-size sport utility vehicle, it was actually designed and built to be half the size of the normal sport vehicles on the road, in order to appeal to buyers looking for something in between a full-size and mid-size SUV. Obviously the decision turned it to be the right one, as the Durango became one of the best-selling Dodge vehicles in their line-up, and with the new design of the 2015, and the anticipation of what they have in mind for the next year’s model, it no doubt will continue to be a bestseller for Dodge.

The size of the Dodge Durango is one of its best- selling features, because as stated, it looks considerably smaller than a regular SUV, but looks can be deceiving as the interior is actually very roomy, and offers three rows of seating that can fit seven people comfortably, and with its upscale, yet durable design, it is definitely built with the family in mind.

As far as power goes, even with its smaller size, it has full size towing capabilities, and with a choice between a range of V6 or V8 engines, as well as four wheel or rear-wheel drive, its get up and go will never be an issue. Drivers find it an extremely comfortable ride, that with its maneuverability, it handles great on any type of roadway, and because of its affordability, it is a great choice for anyone in the market for a new vehicle. For some great deals and promotions visit

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