Installing An Expandable Doughboy Factory Pool Liners

Doughboy pools have a deep roots in history and people still enjoy swimming and bathing in doughboy pools. These pools are the one and only aboveground pools having a deep end section. Moreover, doughboy pools are the first storable and portable aboveground swimming pool which is still quite popular today.


Doughboy pools are the only aboveground pools that can make use of expandable pool liners. You can also visit Doughboy Factory Pool Liners to know more about the particular type and for professional installation of these pools.

Installing an Expandable Doughboy Factory Pool Liners:

Expandable lining is the most common in kids’ aboveground swimming pool and it is also popularly used in house pools as well. As you start filling the pool, the expandable liner start releasing the vinyl liner and the pool stretches into the shape slowly.

Expandable liners are usually sold by the Doughboy themselves but you can also buy replacement liners from the market easily made by Lomart, GLI, etc. The liners are available in a variety of size and shapes and range between $160 and $430 depending upon its size and shape.

Initiating Installation Process:

For installing expandable doughboy factory pool liner you need to have a set of about 24 clamps with rubber tipping, razor knife, soft push broom, screwdrivers, the trowel and obviously the expandable pool liner.

First you have to drain the pool completely to remove the old liner. Usually the doughboy pools do not have drains so you are going to need a pump to remove water from the pool. As soon as the pump starts sucking air, shut it off and cut the liner with a razor knife around the wall. Pull the liner and the pump from the pool to drain any water left.

Clean the pool with a broom and if any rust is visible, paint it over. You can also make a decision between the reusing the wall cove and replacing it. Use trowel to smooth the pool area and to remove any sand and pebbles.

Install the liner, you can unfold the liner and mark it with seam intersection using a duct tape. Refold the liner and starting from the shallow end. Pull it on the rails and clamp it carefully. After a few adjustments, adjust the liner slack. Fill out the pool with water and let the liner out and you are done.

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