How To Use Cleaning Products Safety

We use household cleaning products on daily basis to keep our homes clean. Lately there has been a wider push by science and manufacturing for green non toxic products. Society as whole has responded well and embraced this green push. Many of us are environmentally mindful and strive to keep nature from contamination. However, there still remains a large part of domestic and carpet cleaning products which are highly toxic and are potential hazard to our health. We should be extra careful when using them in order to avoid accidents or life threatening situations.

How To Use Cleaning Products Safety

Many heavy- duty cleaning products are labeled as corrosive. They contain acids or bases in order to cope with severe soiling. However, all acids and bases are corrosive. This means that they can destroy human flesh. Moreover, inhalation or indigestion of such a substance can damage the respiratory or digestive tracts. Cleaning products should never be mixed together as you do not know what chemical reaction may occur. For an example, if you mix bleach with a product that contains ammonia, hazardous gases will be released. You should also avoid using multiple cleaners on a single surface/ problem or fill in the container of one product with the substance of another.

Some precautions are necessary to make sure that you are not exposed to potentially dangerous situations. It is important to keep good ventilation in room where you are cleaning. Thus you will insure against the build up of toxic fumes. When cleaning make sure to wear gloves- rubber, vinyl, or latex free gloves, all will do the job.

Store all your cleaning detergents in a secure dry, cool place. They shouldn’t be placed under direct sunlight or near a hear source. Make sure that your children and pets can not gain access to them. Probably it is a good idea to install a lock to your closet. Do not remove the original packaging.

Always read the instructions and in case of emergencies immediately seek help and medical assistance. If you are using multi purpose gloves make sure to clean them thoroughly afterwards. In case you use latex free gloves dispose of them right after you are ready.

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