How To Promote Your Event With Social Media Marketing

Events are by nature, social. So it makes sense to use social media to promote your events – after all you want more people to attend, and make it a huge success. You can engage the services of experienced and professional event companies in Bangalore to take care of this for you if you’re hard pressed for time.

How To Promote Your Event With Social Media Marketing

Here are a few tips to use social media marketing effectively:

  • Create content around your event, even if it’s a wedding; you can post the story of how the groom and bride met, upload photos, infographics (this could be something like directions to your event venue)
  • Create and upload content like checklists and how to’s or Dos and Don’ts to make things easy for attendees. For example, if you have an outdoor event planned, you can offer advice on the type of clothing and footwear that would be comfortable, and so on.
  • Hashtags: create a hashtag for your event, but check beforehand to ensure it’s not in use already
  • Run a contest: Depending on your budget, you can have a contest that will be fun, like maybe posting selfies, or making up a phrase; the prize doesn’t have to be expensive, just enough to hold their interest. As one of the best event management companies in Bangalore, we can help you with designing and running the contest.
  • If it’s a conference or workshop, you can mention who the key influencers are going to be, and even offer them content for their blogs
  • If your event requires participants to register, integrate social sharing with registration; make the process easy so that it can go viral.
  • Provide Shareable Assets – your attendees will love that you are offering them a free ebook or some other content that they will find useful, and actually help them during the event; this is especially true for academic or technical conferences and workshops.
  • If your event is an annual feature or some other repeat event, you could even use the photos of attendees from the previous times and create status updates. Definitely, people will be flattered that they are being remembered and acknowledged.

As one of the foremost event and wedding planners in Bangalore, White Massif has experts who can promote your event on social media and help you make it a grand success. Call us today to know more!

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