How To Prevent Consuming Potentially Toxic Maintenance Drugs?

One strong indication that maintenance drugs may contain toxic substances is that there are many potentially harmful side effects. Another sign that a drug is actually is that for less than 100 milligrams, the drug could already cause a dramatic or sudden impact on our body. Many may wonder how can toxic substances can help our body? In reality, they can’t. Poisonous drugs could trigger various responses that are intended to cover symptoms. We should be aware that poison can never cure our illness. However, antibiotics can be an exception to this rule. They are also poisons for specific organisms, especially bacteria that may cause illness or infection. However, antibiotics aren’t maintenance drugs and they should be used for short-term period only. We should be wary if doctor requires us to use antibiotics for more than three days for common illnesses.

Instead of taking antibiotics and other drugs, our body could actually produce enough quantities of alternative substances. This requires a strong immune system and proper intake of nutrients. It will be difficult for our body to produce enough quantity of useful substances, if we don’t eat healthily, have enough rest and healthy lifestyle. It is actually very easy to take maintenance drugs that can be poisonous to our body. If our body fight toxic substances, then it will become weaker and we need to face more challenges. In time, our body will send a signal that it can’t cope with the situation. It is a fact that the pharmaceutical industry is making a huge profit in producing maintenance drugs. Once we take these pills, we could become depended on them. We shouldn’t allow doctors to convince us that toxic maintenance drugs are required to mask our symptoms.

How To Prevent Consuming Potentially Toxic Maintenance Drugs

We should make sure that our doctor truly tries to identify underlying problems using blood tests and other indicators. Doctors should also discuss our current diet and try to identify stressors at home or in our workplace. A history of genetic illness could be passed down in the family. There is also a possibility that we have allergies to an unknown factor and this could be indicated by numbness, dizziness, swelling, fatigue, pain and rash. When doctors have determined the cause of our symptoms, they should also prescribe vitamin supplements and more nutritious diet, by listing the type of food that we need to eat and its amount. This kind of treatment may not directly deal with symptoms, but as our overall condition improves, symptoms could start to disappear.

On the other hand, our doctors should also recommend us discontinue eating specific foods or existing drugs. This should allow us to eat nutrition-less foods and eliminate toxins from drugs. This whole approach should help doctors take proper actions to eliminate any underlying problem. In some cases, it would be better for patients to endure some of the uncomfortable symptoms, because consuming specific symptom-masking drugs would only worsen our condition.

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