How To Make Flats Work With Fancy Dresses

Those days are gone when the best footwear option for your outfit was high heels. In fact today, pairing flat footwear with dresses look more fashion forward. In addition, flats can make your outfit look beautiful. More it is refreshing, unexpected and a great comfortable option for many people. Here we have write down how you can wear some dresses with flat footwear:

How To Make Flats Work With Fancy Dresses

Opt for Higher Hemlines

Everyone has her hemline happy zone, and I am not suggesting that you should veer outside your limits. Since flats will not give your legs extra length or lift, but revealing little bit more legs near your skirt or dress hem can enable your legs look longer. Even a fraction of an inch will help greatly.

Match your Skin Tone

When it’s hot or warm, stick to this piece of advice; flats that match your skin color will make your legs appear longer. Select something that is nude to yellow color. For more tips on this, visit just

Flat Sandals with Short Hemlines

Pairing short hems with flat sandals is the best wearable option since this combination will make your legs appear longer. Putting on low contrast sandals will length your leg line further, thus offsetting “the stumpy feeling”. Bookending the color of your flats with your hair is an another slam dunk that will ground your appearance. Curved hemlines will visually elongate your leg line even further.

Flat Sandals with Knee-Length Hemlines

Putting on long hemline with flat sandals might feel little bit short-legged; however there are several ways to overcome this. You can create a low-contrast between your skin tone and the color of your sandals. This strategy will make your legs appear longer while you are wearing long hemline.

Go for Low Vamps

At, There are several ladies footwear, which can give us amazing effects. So, if you wish to make your legs look longer, choose low vamp styles. For this Ballet flats footwear is most reliable.

Experiment with Shapes

I’m always attracted to round-toed things. However, as far as leg- lengthening is concerned, round toes have always failed. But Pointy-toed flat footwear is very popular, so think about trying them, if they’re comfortable.

Try Boots

This might or might not work, however it’s something you should consider if you love flat footwear but your eyes can’t just adjust to other flat footwear style. But boots can give everyone a completely different level of coverage and style. Depending on one’s proportions, flat boots can appear more appealing compared to flat shoes. Note that this boost can work for you during summer!


If you are craving for comfort as far as shoes are concerned, you will be thrilled to find out that flats are back and in full swing. And whether they are classic, trendy, or just somewhere in between, nearly all flats appear chic & fabulous. If worn as discussed above, you will no doubt look great and trendy. So, try them.

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