How To Get Weight In Less Time

We have seen many people running after losing weight but gaining weight is also a problem for many slim people. Most of slim people eat more than fat, people, but they don’t gain the weight easily, their heavy consumption doesn’t help them. Even they are eating full of stomach, their body doesn’t change much. This problem has been spotted in many people, what is reason behind their not gaining weight is unplanned diet or food that doesn’t help them to gain weight. If we don’t follow any proper diet, the diet doesn’t gonna help us in getting weight. There many other reasons for not gaining the weight. But now let us see a common way of gaining weight with a proper food diet.

Eating a lot at once is not advisable, consuming less food for multiple times in day in most preferable. The best way to plan your diet is according to your age, height, digestive capacity. Exercise is must while gaining the weight because the eating portion may end up in dishaping your body, so doing little exercise is also important while following a weight gaining diet.

How To Get Weight In Less Time


Butter: butter is a fat food that helps gain fat into the body. A small portion of butter consumption in 1 or 2 days in a week is recommended. But a regular consumption of butter makes you over to fat and can cause health issues.

Cheese: cheese is a concentrated milk products which are contained high values of proteins, calcium and fats. These proteins can help to build good muscular body. A good portion of cheese consumption on a regular basis can help gaining quick weight.

Meat: consuming a reddish fresh meat which is of a good healthy animal on a weekly basis can supply good proteins, fats in our body which helps in growth of muscular body.

Eggs: eggs are a good source of proteins and fats, consuming daily a good no of eggs are gonna help a lot in gaining weight. The anvil egg consumption also a better choice.

Potatoes: potato’s are types of high protein carriers, consuming sweet potatoes are also a good option. These patients also supply fiber particles to our body, vitamin c also rich in potatoes. Eating potatoes without peeling off the skin is better for nutrient supplement.


While consuming a good amount food we also need concentrate on shaping our body, if you doesn’t focus on shaping your body weight gain makes you look skinny and our shop. Doing a small workout on reducing your belly fats can shape your belly to look good while increasing body weight. Workouts on different body parts and trying with less weight can help.

Regular Check

While working out a good diet and exercises, it is also important to check the weight on a regular basis, how much weigh your getting on. Checking cholesterol levels also an important thing because high levels of cholesterol can be harm to the health. Increase in cholesterol level in our body can be harm to many organs and leads into sudden strokes, so it is better to have a regular check on cholesterol levels.

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