How To Get The Best Price For Your Diamond Ring?

Jewelry pieces have always been regarded as one of the most valuable assets. If you are planning to sell your diamond engagement ring, it might be a tricky task. This is because there are only a few people who can evaluate a fair value of a jewelry piece with accuracy. Here are guidelines that you should follow to get the best price for your diamond jewelry:-

Find Out how Diamonds are Valued

There are many factors that play a major role in determining the value of a diamond. If the diamond buyer fails to grade the jewelry piece, he won’t be able to assign a good value to it. As a result, you will be underpaid for the diamond piece. Therefore, one of the first things that you should do is to find a buyer who can grade diamonds accurately and provide you with a fair price for the jewelry piece.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Diamond Ring?

Look for a Store which has GIA Graduates as Part of their Staff

As the value of a diamond is related directly to its characteristics, it would be wise for you to work with someone who can grade your jewelry piece with precision. Experts who have a degree from the Gemological Institute of America(GIA) can do this with accuracy.Therefore, you should be very selective while choosing a jewelry store.

Spend Some Time in Research

You should spend some time going through well known review sites like Jewelers Vigilance Committee that allow clients to post their reviews directly. Ranking sites that claim to be independent are not what they claim to be, in majority of occasions.

Stay Away from Gold Stores

Stores that deal primarily in gold often advertise that they buy diamonds also. However, most of the time they are interested in gold. One major disadvantage of selling diamond jewelry stores in gold stores is that they pay a minimal amount. Moreover, they are not good with grading. Calculating the market price of diamonds is much more complex than gold.

Don’t Deal with a Company that Wants to Use your PayPal Account

There are numerous fake reviews and scams on the internet. If you intend to sell a diamond ring in a platform that enables you to sell in your city, avoid sending it to anyone else other than a company. Instead, go for an organization with whom you can easily get in touch over the phone, and has a proper brick and mortar facility. Also stay away from the ones that offer high values through their email quotes. Go for family owned businesses. They are deeply rooted within the local community and will keep your interest in mind.

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