How To Fix Your Computer At Home

Computer repairs are something that every computer owner should know. Not only will this save you from the bills of taking it to a technician, you will also be aware of what to do when a problem arises. However, of course the necessary care is required lest you damage something while fixing another.

Everything from upgrading and using your antivirus to get rid of malware, can be done by yourself. Of course, as a user, you are not expected to know how to fix major problems in your computer, but there are things that you can do to make sure your computer runs without problems. There are a few things that are so simple and easy that even a computer novice can do them. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

How To Fix Your Computer At Home

Removing Viruses and Malware

Some people still have their computers infected with Malware and viruses, simply because they do not know how to get it out of there system. In the steps it takes to service your own computer, this is one of the easiest. All you need to do is to download a reliable anti-virus program, install it and let it run. This will give you an option of going a thorough or preliminary scan, to show you whether or not you have a virus in your system. If the program does sense one, it will give you the option of neutralizing it immediately, thus cleaning out your computer in a manner of minutes. No hassle required.

Reinstalling the System

Over time, computers become slower. This is not because of an overload of files or anything, rather the software program that operates the computer needs refreshing. Most computers come with an option to reinstall it, which can be done in a matter of seconds. This is also a good thing because it gets rid of corrupted files and drivers. However, it will erase all files, so if you have items that you do not wish to lose, back them up ahead of time.

Remove Bloatware

Beware that when you buy your computer, it will be filled with useless software. Companies are paid to add these files, to slow down the computer. However, once you know how to get rid of them, you can just use a program and be done with it. By downloading programs which detect and get rid of useless software, you can have a clean and well-functioning computer.

By following instructions, these things are fairly easy to do. The more complicated things that can happen to your computer are best left to professionals, but simple things, like the ones mentioned above, can be done yourself. Generally, people are afraid to touch their computers or try to do anything to it. This means that they spend lots of money by asking technicians and professionals to fix problems that they can fix themselves. If you buy a computer, be sure to learn what you can and cannot do, so that you have the knowledge to get rid of bugs and other problems that your computer will inevitably have.

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